air florida flight 90 deaths

LAUDERDALE, Mike, Air Florida employee, destination unknow n. LEVINSON, B., Washington, D.C., destination Tampa. ESSARY, B., Maryland, destination Tampa. BLAKE, Jo Ann, 43 years old, Fredericksburg, Va., medical secretary at Mary Washington Hospital, destination Marco Island. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Edward, 36, Washington area, Nav y pediatrician, destination Tampa. HERMAN, Maj. Ralph, Air Force Readiness Command, destinati on Tampa. There was also a major freeze in the central Florida citrus groves. The river was less than a mile hike from my house and the snow was just beginning to accumulate over an inch. FISHER, Tom, Maryland, destination Fort Laude rdale. MILLER, Richard, Washington, D.C., destination Tampa. I called a friend during the early morning opf January 13 and made arrangements to ice skate near the upper stretches of the Occoquan River on a tributary called Broad Run. He ended up succumbing to the cold and drowned. There was a one-hour period during the early afternoon on January 13 during which the snow dropped visibility at National Airport to a sixteenth of a mile. Passengers ANDERSON, Gordon, Orlando, Fla., destination unknown. The Air Florida accident led to the carrier's eventual demise. The total death toll was 78. BURKE, Miss K. Philadelphia, destination Tampa. On the Bridge BOWLES, Ray, 46, Cockeysville, Md. When I arrived at the river the ice was surprisingly smooth and thick, and ice skating conditions were excellent. Joe Stiley told ABCNEWS in 1982, that the freezing water jarred him into consciousness. One of the 14th Street bridges was renamed the Arland D. Williams Jr. Memorial Bridge in 1983 in his honor. STEMPER, Mrs. D., Washington, D.C., destination Tampa. In the icy water, about a dozen surviving passengers bobbed helplessly in the frigid water. He said there was still snow and slush on the wings and he remembered wishing he could get off the plane. Following is an unofficial list of passengers and crew members on Air Florida's Flight 90, which crashed Wednesday after taking off from National Airport outside Washington, and of those reported killed on the 14th Street Bridge, which was hit by the jetliner.

CHAMPAGNE, Maj. Erroll, Air Force Rapid Deployment Force, destination Tampa. Stiley, a pilot himself, said he realized that something was wrong as the plane headed down the runway. ELLIS, Rex, Virginia, destination Tampa. WILLIAMS, Arland, Georgia, destination Tampa and Clearwater.

The 737 jet plunged over the bridge and into the ice-covered Potomac River. KAUFFMAN, E., Maryland, destination Tampa. I spent the rest of the day glued tothe TV watching news, including the amazing shots of rescue attempts of Air Florida casualties being fished from the freezing Potomac. At 3:45 p.m., the Boeing 737 jet taxied to the airport’s longest runway, which was 7000 feet long. LIDDLE, Dr. William D., 54, Washington, D.C. previous Fredericksburg, Va., pediatrician, destination Marco Island.

WEINGARTEN, Mrs. C., Boston, destination Fort Lauderdale. Instead, once we arrived we watched news coverage of the event. To complicate matters, the plane’s takeoff was to the north, which requires a hard left turn over the 14th Street bridge to follow the course of the Potomac River. TIRADO, Priscilla, 23, Washington, D.C., previous Spain, destination Tampa (survivor). "You could see out one side, but not really the other side," said Stiley, now 63. That letter prompted a Coast Guard investigation. Duncan woke up in the hospital the morning after the crash without knowing what had really happened. It was really through him I had heard we crashed into a bridge.". My most vivid memory is watching Lenny Skutnik jump into the river to save a passenger. January 13, 2007, was the 25th anniversary of the Air Florida flight 90 deadly crash. SKILES, William B., Tampa, destination Tampa. CARLUCCIO, J., Washington, D.C., destination Tampa. FELCH, Patricia, Virginia, G.T.&E. Five survived. PLAYER, Miss Marion, 57, Fort Lauderdale previous Peabody, Mass., daughter of Sophie Davis, destination Fort Lauderdale. PIONTEK, Barbara, Tampa, Fla., destination Tampa. DAVIS, Sophie, 80, Peabody, Mass., destinatio n Fort Lauderdale.

The cable network provided live images of survivors struggling in the water as viewers at home watched and waited for what they knew would be a devastating death toll. Priscilla Tirado, now 43, survived the crash, but lost her 2-month-old son and husband in the crash. Wes Junker: That morning I got up early to drive to Snowshoe. VIEHMAN, Jack, Washington, D.C., previous Arlington, Va., destination Tampa. It is based on information from airline officials in Washington and Miami, hospital spokesmen and information provided by friends and relatives who were notified. Jr., 34, Washington, D.C. previous Great Falls, Va., vice president of Petro-Lewis Securities, destination Tampa. Maj. James, Army Rapid Deployment Force, destination Tampa. Light snow started falling in Washington during the early morning hours of January 13 as a fast-moving and moisture-laden storm approached from the south. Lenny Skutnik, an onlooker on the bank of the river, jumped into the icy water and swam out and rescued her. IVENER, Arnold, 40, military, destination Tampa. Aug. 5, 2002 -- It's been more than 20 years since Air Florida Flight 90 took off from National Airport and crashed onto a bridge in downtown Washington, then plunged into the icy waters of the Potomac River. Stiley suffered hypothermia, a broken arm, leg, a skull fracture, broken jaw and spinal injuries. I was concerned my wife might have been on that train, but she was not). By noon, moderate-to-heavy snow had spread over the entire area, and by early afternoon the snowfall rate was quite heavy. Steve Tracton: I recall that day for a couple reasons.

SILBERGLIED, R., Boston, destination Fort Lauderdale. The snowstorm of January 13, 1982 will always be remembered for the terrible crash of Air Florida Flight 90. When the helicopter went back to get him, he had gone under. Its crew lowered a life preserver and began to haul survivors to shore. VENTURA, John, 57, Tampa, Fla., previous Clearwater, Fla., destination Tampa. See the article in its original context from. PRINGLE, Joe Nathan, Washington, D.C. SPRIGGS, Mariella, 27, Washington, D.C. SAUNDERS, Lieut. KLASKY, Mr. T., Virginia, destination Tampa. But the snowfall was heavy enough to accumulate quickly on the wings of Flight 90, ultimately contributing to its crash into the 14th Street Bridge. It also found the Air Florida crew didn't have the experience to question the captain. The crash prompted airlines to adopt strict policies ensuring inexperienced captains are paired with experienced co-pilots. The snowstorm of January 13, 1982 will always be remembered for the terrible crash of Air Florida Flight 90. STILEY, Joseph, Virginia, employee of G.T.&E., 42, destination Tampa (survivor). FAKO, James R., 43, Philadelphia, previous Al lison Park, Pa., employed by Price Waterhouse, destination T ampa.

ERICKSON, James, Georgia, destination Tampa. McNEELY, Mrs. Lee, Maryland, destination unknown. Flight 90 never got higher than a few hundred feet, and the pilots saw the crash coming. Prior to the storm, an extremely cold Arctic outbreak had spread across the eastern half of the United States, dropping temperatures to -25°F in Chicago and near 0°F in Atlanta. This past spring, two of the five survivors died of natural causes. Ironically, both disasters involved snowstorms rather than the severe weather events — such as floods or hurricanes — that are most frequently responsible for the loss of life. My parents explained what had happened and I watched the rescue effort. SHUBINSKI, Dr. R., Virginia, destination unknown. A video summary of the crash from WUSA-9 News, produced in 2007 and posted on YouTube. "When I was in intensive care I didn't have a TV but I could hear, off in the distance, Good Morning America. WOODARD, Stanley, Washington, D.C., destination Tampa.

PIONTEK, Brian, 2 months old, Tampa, Fla. KRZANOWSKI, Karen, Washington area, destination Tampa.

Today Duncan, 43, is a preschool teacher at a Christian school. Crew ADAMS, Donna, mid-20's, senior flight attendant, DUNCAN, Kelly, mid-20's, flight attendant, (survivor). HOBBS, J., Jacksonville, Fla., destination Tampa. At National Airport, the mercury dropped to 2°F. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Comdr. HORTON, Mr. E., Tampa, Fla., destination Tampa. Desktop notifications are on   | Turn off, Get breaking news alerts from The Washington Post, (Originally posted Thursday, January 12, 2012). The National Transportation Safety Board blamed the accident on the pilots' failure to abort the takeoff and have the wings properly de-iced. A sixth person initially survived the crash but, according to U.S. Park Police helicopter rescuers, refused their lifeline, indicating it should go to the others. GARLAND, Mike, Tampa, Fla., destination Tampa .

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