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Of course I recommend the book I wrote titled “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success,” (see link at top of page), and also check out our Resources page for our Amazon library with tons of other great resources we recommend! It’s #19 on the Barrel Racing Tips podcast. I will be just starting out doing barrel racing with my 13 year old Appaloosa mare that I am leasing to own. I think it does apply across the equine disciplines! Some people struggle with self doubt and anxiety to a degree where they know it occurs and they realize it gets in their way. I have done a lot of slow work with her. So he has to really trust me for the first barrel…your tips helped me. If you don’t mind me helping out, I’d love to:)

I’ve been working on my hand placement and not running as hard as I should, a little bit of a conference issue? Click here to check it out!

Thank you so much! If so, click here for our Q&A video on Selecting a Bit for the Hard to Please Barrel Horse. Last but most certainly not least, the Aura cinch has a revolutionary exterior shell made of a tear and abrasion-resistant nylon mesh that stands up to the toughest treatment, even spurs! Dona Kay Rule’s been a success with horses and in the rodeo arena for much longer than that. Number 7 – Care for Your Horse Like He is Already a Champion! They lack “feel” and it becomes obvious when their horse shows resistance. We play negative tapes in our minds, we allow the fear of what other’s think determine the little choices we make. If it rides above or below the sweet spot, it can cause soreness and discomfort.

2018-09-12T18:37:52-05:00. Number 6 – Ride the Horse You are On Today, Not the One You Were On Yesterday (Even if it’s the Same Horse)! Don’t “wait and see” – address issues while they are still managable. . To develop a feeding program for a champion, check out No More Barrel Horse Feeding Mystery. Every horse that is running regularly should have some kind of joint support, and a health program and diet that supports the kind of high level performance we expect from them. Kayla Bacon, Mallory McGee win Josey Reunion and Josey Jr. World. In today’s collection of Q&A’s, the top 15 NFR barrel racers share their greatest challenges and biggest lessons from the 2018 season, plus insights for overcoming adversity, as well as what they’re most grateful for.

Education, Timing & Feel – The Wright Way. now i want to build a relationship with her but somtimes she is a butt, now she is feeling more comfortable. . The tools you need to be a great barrel racer and train an awesome barrel horse are really pretty simple. I even took her off barrels for a year because she got so hot at the gate and around the first barrel. She’s a little behind but has loads of talent. (not in the arena). I have tried taking her on trails and changing bits! I love getting my barrel racing tips! If you are ready for real, lasting positive results, these tips will get you started…, Number 10 – Put Education before Specialization. Horses are a gift. There is a lot to learn about quality movement and the most effective ways for obtaining it. Smash seems to deal well with anything. these tips changed me, and my relationship with my horse. Very inspirational!! The barrel racing gadget industry is a big one. When you do, it’s like insulting their intelligence. I can’t get him to really fire like he used to.

Don’t base your worth on your accomplishments in the arena. It’s OK to focus on things specific to barrel racing too, but it’s real difficult to be successful at barrel racing, without a solid educational foundation in yourself and your horse! Barrel racing is a timed event in which a horse and rider race around a barrel or barrels, without knocking them over. Feel free to use the “Share the Knowledge” icons at the bottom of each article to print, email to friends, or share through Facebook! With family and business priorities though, it’s only been recently that she’s had the freedom to pursue rodeoing professionally full-time. Thanks Kathy! Maybe you have a tendency to be a perfectionist (like me) and a wee bit of a control freak in your personal life and this parallels in your horse life. Listen to this article in audio form! The stage has been set and soon rodeo’s leading ladies and their elite equine athletes will make their way to the bright lights of Las Vegas. I appreciate your kind words, it’s my pleasure to help! Use your God-given abilities to the fullest, and care for the animals that He placed in your life, as a reflection of your appreciation for those gifts. No barrel racing achievement is worth sacrificing your horse’s mental or physical well-being OR your safety or confidence.

Take preventative measures with your barrel horses. These tips are based on the lesser known, but critically important areas that I have found to contribute most to barrel racing success. Fire your horse into the hole like you’re confident he’s going to turn. :), I love, love, loved this article. thank you so much. Make conscious choices to prepare your horse and yourself so that you’re more likely to create positive experiences that build vs. take away confidence. Thank you so much for your tips!

For the latest episodes subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn or Google Play. Not trusting your horse, is like not trusting yourself. . Horses often show signs of resistance or act cranky because they become annoyed and grow resentful of insensitive riders. :),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Introducing the 2019 Top 15 NFR Barrel Racing Qualifiers, Q&A with First-Time NFR Barrel Racer and Rodeo Veteran, Dona Kay Rule, Top 15 Barrel Horse Pedigrees Headed to the 2019 NFR, Looking Back on Rodeo Road with the 2018 Top 15 NFR Barrel Racers, NFR Warm Up – Get to Know the 2018 Top 15 Barrel Racing Qualifiers, A Legend & Legacy in the Making – Q&A with NFR Barrel Racer, Lisa Lockhart, Fulfilling a Greater Goal with NFR Barrel Racer, Stevi Hillman, Bet on Bettis – Pre-NFR Interview with Barrel Racing Qualifier Taci Bettis.
As a “new” barrel racer but experienced and titled at riding jumpers, it’s nice to know that many of the things I am carrying over from the jumper arena will help me in my barrel runs, too. Thanks. Save visualizing for before the barrel race and if you feel nervous before you run, focus on your breathing. As long as your horse is tense, high headed, and moves with a choppy stride, he will not have quality movement. When a horse has been well educated, lots of flailing around isn’t typically necessary.

This article is a keeper! See more ideas about Barrel racing tips, Barrel racing, Barrel. Read more. I hope I learn a lot from you guys. Way to go Kayla! What is Barrel Racing? I got a lot more out of it, thank you! A soft jersey next to the horse’s skin helps to prevent chafing and rubbing. Obviously we would both rather be in a big outdoor pen.

Develop your own education in the area of horse health so you can choose a team of health professionals that you can be confident in.

we can look forward to seeing during this years race to the gold buckle. You’ve got a bunch of principles from there in this article.

I was hoping that there would be someone who barrel races that trained more in the way that I train my horses! How you require your horse to move in slow work and even away from the pattern, effects how they move on the pattern (and in a run)!
Remember also that developing a good relationship with a horse, is not just about being friends, but knowing how to provide for one of the horse’s greatest needs – leadership.

Another misconception is that a good rider in barrel racing is aggressive.

You might check this out, in case he needs more “fuel” -> Feed for SPEED – How to Fuel Fast-Twitch Muscles for Faster Times!, and for you I think this post may help -> In Search of SPEED – How to BE Explosive on the Barrel Pattern! So glad to hear you’re enjoying the content I provide! So I just started riding.

Problems are so much easier to deal with when they haven’t been allowed to go too far. Have you ever heard the saying that “people are more likely to find love when they aren’t looking for it?”  Well, barrel racers are more likely to achieve their wildest barrel racing desires when they aren’t chasing them so desperately. Barrel racing is a truly special event in the rodeo world, and one of the fastest. Great idea Chey, we’re planning to offer more content that covers rider positioning, etc. . Speaking of horse health issues – in this area, the name of the game is education, education, education! Read more, After 12 NFR qualifications, Lisa Lockhart and her top equine partner, Louie have already earned legendary status in the barrel racing world – and this dynamic duo is still fast as ever! The cinch is the lifeline that holds your saddle in place, which in turn keeps you in a stable position during competition that is most importantly comfortable for your horse. But a good foundation, relationship with my horse, staying in the middle of my horse and trusting her to do her job are all interchangeable things. It can be really hard, if not impossible to rehabilitate horses from bad habits or physical problems once they are well established. Maybe we didn’t really have a clue what we were doing horsemanship wise, but things usually had a way of working out anyway – all because the good relationship made up for other areas that were lacking! Many barrel racers don’t realize how much their inner game gets in the way of the outer game of barrel racing. Thank you for these amazing tips. The faster the rider completes the pattern, the higher up on the leaderboard the pair will land. Thanks for your comment, Lee!

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