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People use mymovierack for rating, reviewing and keeping track of watchlist. The next morning, they bring the dead raptor to a tent outside the warehouse for Hodges to analyse. Primal Species comes from B Movie legend Roger Corman and as such everybody who watches this needs to realise that this is a Low Budget B Movie and it knows it. The first installment in both franchises is a dark, disturbing film that has become a cult classic, the second is an "Alien" ripoff, and the third is a tongue-in-cheek, almost slapstick (whether intentional or not) movie that has you rolling on the floor laughing.


Both the raptor and the t-rex escape when the men open fire, fleeing to an unmanned refrigerated transport ship docked in the complex.

The army kills and destroys for national security. The remainder of the team retreat and reconvene with Mercer and a scientist named Dr. Hodges (Janet Gunn), who has arrived to oversee the operation after learning of the dinosaur's disappearance. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used.See details for description of any imperfections.

The army commando team now have to think fast, if they want to prevent the extinction of the human species, instead of the reptiles. Der Cast hat nun Pornolevel erreicht und hält sich für eine echte Spezialeinheit.

Search for "Carnosaur 3: Primal Species" on, Title: Carnosaur 3: Primal Species Rob Camilletti Stephen Lee Scott Valentine (1996) A Special Forces unit goes to work after terrorists unwittingly unleash virtually indestructible, man-eating dinosaurs.

Phreekshow's Roger Corman: King of the B's. Carnosaur 3: Terrorists think they are stealing some uranium but turns out to be dinosaurs and kill them and rum amok in a warehouse until the military comes in to stop it. The dinosaurs appear to be on wheeled carts. The army commando team now have to think fast, if they want to prevent the extinction of the human species, instead of the reptiles.

they were hungry, they didn't get enough protein/calcium/fat/B-vitamins), they wouldn't necessarily eat humans. I did like Carnosaur 2 better than 1. Great shape former rental tape. Concorde - New Horizons (with permission).

Give me a break.

Directed by Jonathan Winfrey. Trotzdem ist das jetzt langsam ausgelutscht und man bekommt nix neues mehr zu sehen.

They hear noises coming from a second truck, owned by the terrorists, and upon opening the door they are set upon and slaughtered by the raptors and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The entire Carnosaurs-series often gets made fun of but in all truth and honesty, they are somewhat enjoyable for what they are and not all that bad at all, with the exception of the first movie. Personally I give this mutha an 8!

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You must see the scene to realize the pathetic atempt at any sort of story. 1.

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With Scott Valentine, Janet Gunn, Rick Dean, Anthony Peck. Sword and sorcery story of the cosmic struggle between white magic and black magic.

It's years ahead of classic sci-fi/horror stuff like Shark Attack 3.

and then a black girl walks forward and now one blooper is found! Instead, the convoy was carrying dinosaurs, and the …

International terrorists are terrified when their hijacked cargo turns out to be genetically engineered dinosaurs.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Rubbery-looking monsters, nonstop "Warsploitation" clichés, and amateurish performances are just a few reminders that the 1990's direct-to-video craze has been long swept under the carpet resulting in many rare out-of-print digital copies making their way across the Internet.

They call in backup, led by Mulcowsky (Bob McFarland), who assumes that they are dealing with drug smuggler. I don't know where to start; the acting, the special effects and the writing are all about as bad as you can possibly imagine.

Awards Now... the army commando team attempting recovery of this secret cargo is about to make the same deadly discovery!

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For other episodes, we provide direct Now for Rick dean lol, in Carnosaur 2 I thought he fit the role pretty well and wasn't really annoyed by him, now in Carnosaur 3 wow they placed him as an elite soldier. A security guard and a girl environmentalist try to stop both it and the company's doomsday bioweapon. Metacritic Reviews.

I would actually recommend watching this film just so you can appreciate how well made most films are.

In case your wondering the 1st best movie ever is Death Machine. After sealing off the majority of the exits to the upper decks except for the freight elevator and port stairwell, Rance and his men venture into the bowels of the ship and split into three groups to pump out the coolant, with Rossi and Hodges staying behind to provide support from the top deck.

Disgruntled at Hodge's interference, Polchek's mildly sexist complaints attract the attention of Proudfoot.

Reena the Seer enlists the aid of the renowned hero Deathstalker to battle the forces of evil, including a clone of the princess, and win back her kingdom. Monster fans might get some minor excitement over the third and final entry in producer, Roger Corman's Jurassic Park parody/rip-off about carnivorous dinosaurs (hence the title) munching on military macho types while scientists pursue their agendas for the hungry reptiles used as unstoppable biological weapons.


check.Cheap gore? Adding special effects for no reason other than the movie is horrible.

Receiving word of a terrorist unit at work in the area, a Special Forces unit goes to investigate and finds the terrorists had unintentionally intercepted a shipment of genetically-engineered dinosaurs and races to corral them before they escape. Concorde - New Horizons (with permission). They are called Carnosaurs not because they eat meat, but because they are far different from the reptiles that walked the earth eons ago. It even came to the point where we had to rewind and repeat a portion of the movie when the terrorist(whatever?)

Back at the warehouse complex, the terrorist who was left behind in the squad car awakes just as a fourth carnosaur shows up to kill him. International terrorists get a The Dino's is now on a boat in the pacific. This is the third in the series of carnosaur. Two police officers who have discovered the body of the cop Dolan had killed earlier hear the commotion and head to investigate, eventually coming across and apprehending a wounded terrorist who managed to escape the slaughter.

Rance and Hodges target the other raptor's weak point, its neck, managing to bring it down, but are too late to save Proudfoot before her head is torn off. Personalized recommendation based on your taste. If you wanna watch Jurassic Park that bad, then watch it, but don't bitch about how this is a rip-off, because it's not.

Written by Despite their attempts to evade the t-rex, the dinosaur spots them and corners them inside a container. We watched it together and could not stop laughing at the terrible acting.

Billed as 'Primal Species', this is so predictable and washed-out that it doesn't even really matter if Scott Valentine's "war face" is hilarious, or if watching moronic cops and brainless bad guys getting chewed up by what looks like a toy T-Rex you had as a child is your thing. Carnosaur 3: Primal Species (1996) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Dann gibt es wieder Szenen wo die Dinos kurz davor sind Karate zu machen.

Still wanna see the first two Carnobores. Sensing their presence, the t-rex smashes its head through the ceiling, catching Rossi in its jaws and dragging him up to his death just as Proudfoot and Hodges arrive.

They are much more unscrupulous, depraved, stealthy, sexy and cunning than the large clumsy animals seen in Jurassic Park.

By now understanding that capturing the creatures alive is a fool's errand, Hodges doesn't object when Rance declares that their only remaining option is to use blocks of C-4 to blow the ship. The ultimate weapon, which was meant to be safe for humankind, produces global side-effects, including time slides and disappearances. If the carnosaurs killed exclusively for dietary purposes (i.e. © Letterboxd Limited.

And while some parts were rather unbelievable and some just down right stupid the movie made up for it in the end, I mean Polcheck alone is enough reason to at least record the movie off TV, it just sux that he dies...oh well. International terrorists get a surprise when their cargo turns out to contain living dinosaurs. Everything in this film is bad , the story , the acting , the effects but its funny , funny , funny !!

The Carnosaur is the chthonic species of what we refer to as Dinosaur. A series of B movies that unlike the usual formula, actually get BETTER as they go along. IT was quite a gag gift... but don't ever rent this with the expectations of seeing something that won't make you laugh.

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