croatian crime family

Source: Danish State Attorney. On top of that, while being questioned, Jensen was shown various Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian insignias, and recognised none of them. “As in many other war crimes cases, especially those committed against Serbs, without the political will, [the case] does not make it to court.”. The barber was a local Croat named Nedjeljko Ivelic. Marko Grabovac, the head of the Association for the Search for Captured Soldiers and Missing Civilians from Brod, said he believes that Ante Prkacin, former chief of the main headquarters of the Croatian Defence Forces and later of the Croatian Defence Council, was responsible for the crimes in Sijekovac as well as Kovacevic and Causevic. The Djorovic family is a Croatian crime syndicate based in the city of Munich in the Allied German States.. Sedlic fled but her husband stayed. The man with the knife relented: “‘Come on, I won’t do it, you are still young.’ That is what he said and let me go.”. Source: Danish State Attorney. “After the fighting the previous night I ordered a withdrawal to the crossroads at the northern edge of the town. The claim that the Bosnian Army was responsible still made its way into numerous Danish military, UN and media reports. The soldiers inquired if there were Muslims in the school, then left for the school building, with three or four other soldiers joining them. However, the Fifth Corps’ insignia does not include the Roman numeral ‘V’. “Then it would be possible to indict the commanders according to the command responsibility principle,” the source said. Maric’s relatives have engaged a lawyer, Sladjana Cankovic, who said she plans to file a complaint to the Croatian Constitutional Court about human rights violations caused by the ineffective investigation into the case. MP Grozdana Peric (HDZ) and member of the committee underscored that in the first nine months of this year there have been  6,690 cases of domestic violence while in that period last year there were 8,117 which indicates a mild decrease in those cases. He took his knife and put it to my throat but after questioning me he put it back,” said the witness, who BIRN was able to identify as Zvonimir Baburak. At the trial of Kovacevic, Causevic’s name was mentioned several times. Around noon, my group pushed into the centre of Dvor,” the chief of staff of the Republic of Serbian Krajina Army’s 13th Brigade, colonel Lazo Pekec, told BIRN. Some Croatian soldiers were captured by the Danes’ cameras, which also filmed the wounded soldier mentioned in the military log. “I ran to try and help him, but they kicked me and told me: ‘You’ll end up the same as your husband.’”.

Memorial to the victims in Sijekovac. Bedekovic announced a project called “Let’s stop violence against women – there is no excuse for violence” in which HRK 10.5 million in European funds will be invested. The documentary sparked public fury in Croatia for showing men who were allegedly Croatian soldiers close to the school on that day. Kovacevic, a member of an armed group which later became the Interventions Squad of the Croatian Defence Council’s 101st Bosanski Brod Brigade, was jailed for ten years for participating in the murders, mistreatment and looting of Serb civilians in Sijekovac.
Both Cavic and other Croatian commanders claimed that after withdrawing from Dvor on the morning of August 8, they did not re-enter the town before August 9 – well after the massacre in the school. Twenty-five years after the crime was committed, nothing can justify the lack of prosecutions of the perpetrators,” Cankovic said.

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