difference between love and affection

As these classifications suggest, love does not only refer to passionate or romantic love.

The strong feeling of love is associated with positive feelings like care, trust, warmth, and happiness. Filed Under: Behaviour Tagged With: adore, adoring, affection, being in love, emotion, Falling in love, feeling, fondness, likeness, Love, loving, physical expression of love. Agape is the pure and ideal love which is opposite to eros.

Amour Affection is a feeling of attraction, liking, and fondness. Falling in love with someone is a completely different story. Affection basically refers to a situation or feeling when a person adores something or someone. Affection is generated by factors like attraction and fondness towards someone. The main difference between the terms of love and affection is that love is more strong and deep, whereas affection is less deep and strong. Love is often defined as a strong affection. Emotions usually define affection, they are both very closely related. Eros is the kind of love that is passionate love that is commonly found between lovers. It is a moderate feeling or emotion compared to love. We've detected that you are using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software which is preventing the page from fully loading. In love, a person uses to like every aspect of the person’s personality whom he is in love with. Comparatively, affection is a less intense, mild feeling.

Love can also be considered as sexual or intimate with some specific relations on the contrary affection is deprived of such feelings. Love is the world’s most strong and deeper feeling. Affection is the first step towards love; love is a combination of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual mystic attachment to a person. Affection is the first step towards love. Love vs. Affection does not consist of passionate and romantic feelings. One can also feel affection for that one does not love.

According to ancient Greeks, there are four types of love known as storge, phileo, eros and agape.

Love is a step ahead of affection. Affection is the first step towards love; love is a combination of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual mystic attachment to a person. Love is a combination of emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and mystic attachment to a specific person. The common acts of affection are a hug, kiss on the forehead, cheek, or nose. Amour peut impliquer l'amour ou la passion romantique. Love and affection are interconnected and at the same time, different in many aspects. The main difference between the terms of love and affection is that love is more strong and deep, whereas affection is less deep and strong. Love is a complex emotion since it consists of a wide variety of feelings, and states; the love we feel towards a person differs according to the familiarity and relationship with that person. Love does not need a reason contrarily affection is generated by some factors like attraction towards someone. Love and affection are the two different feelings that are commonly experienced by human beings. Both the feelings are so strong that are inseparable.

Affection is the feeling that one feels towards someone else’s beauty, looks, or some other appealing trait. The degree of fondness and attraction in love is more, on the flip side, the degree of fondness and attraction in affection is less.
Affection est un doux sentiment de tendresse, d'attention ou d'amour. It is an emotion we feel towards a close person. Affection is a kind of feeling that makes you feel safe and cared for. Love is a feeling that is very strong and deep, whereas affection is a feeling that is a moderate and gentle feeling and emotion towards someone/something. Hasa has a BA degree in English, French and Translation studies. Internal Customers vs. La passion. As nouns the difference between love and affinity is that love is (label) strong affection or love can be (racquet sports) zero, no score while affinity is a natural attraction or feeling of kinship to a person or thing. Différence entre amour et affection Définition. Affection can be said as a sort of social … Affection can be communicated through gestures, words, or touches. It can be seen in a relationship between two friends, a child, and a mother, etc. Affection is a give and take sequence, you give affection, and in return you get affection.
For example, the Oxford Dictionary defines love as a strong feeling of affection and Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. Affection is a feeling that a person experiences many times in his/her life. We do not implement these annoying types of ads! In simple words, love does not need a reason. However, we’ll look at these feelings separately in order to examine the difference between love affection. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal.

For example, you may feel affection for your neighbor, but this does not mean that you love your neighbor. Main Difference. Love is defined as a deep affection towards one or many specific persons. Love is deeper and stronger feeling inversely affection is a mild feeling. You can show affection to poor people, your pet’s etc. Primarily among these feelings are affection, caring, liking and attachment. Hugging, kiss on the forehead, cheek, or nose are considered to be gestures of affection. The four types of love indicate different intensities and levels, but all these types share a common element of kindness and attraction. It is a feeling which a person surely experience once in his life. If we love someone, we will feel affection for that person, but we do not love everyone for which we feel affection. We need money to operate the site, and almost all of it comes from our online advertising. The main difference between love and affection is that love is deeper and stronger than affection. Eros is a passionate love which is between lovers; this is characterized by desire and longing. 1.

Please add difference.wiki to your ad blocking whitelist or disable your adblocking software. The degree of fondness and attraction in love is more than that of affection. However, the feeling of affection is communicated through cute and gentle gestures, words, or touches. The feeling of affection does not contain romantic or passionate feelings. Affection est un sentiment doux comparé à l'amour. The feeling of affection does not contain passionate, sensual or romantic feelings. We feel this kind of love towards friends. In simple words, when you love someone, you also feel affectionate towards that person. For example, a person can feel affection for his/her roommate or neighbor, but this does not mean that he/she loves his/her neighbor. This kind of love is characterized by longing and desire.

Affection is when a person adores someone or something. Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms. Love and affection are interconnected in many ways yet differ in lots of things and aspects as well. Love is a step ahead of affection; conversely, affection is the first step towards love. – Definition, Characteristics and Qualities, 2. Love is stronger and deeper than affection. Both the feelings are different from each other in their intensity, experience, and various other aspects, Aimie Carlson is an English language enthusiast who loves writing and has a master degree in English literature. Affection, however, is always generated by any factor like attraction towards someone.

Affection is when a person adores someone or something. Affection is a very gentle and moderate feeling.

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