fa'a samoa

This has already been manifested in the field of sports, where we have excel to the highest level in world competition, despite having a population that’s less than .00008% of the world population of over 7 billion. Samoa’s creeds has always been, “Samoa, e muamua le Atua” or Samoa, God is always First and Foremost and the other is, “E Fa’avae I le Atua, Samoa” or Samoa’s Foundation is GOD!!!

Fa'a is a Samoan prefix that can be translated to English as 'the ways of'. This is why we can also be a Samoan without speaking the language, while speaking and knowing our language, will only increase our understanding and enhance our love and appreciation for the Fa’a Samoa, our Samoan(ness) and our way of life (Culture). The United States government and Office of Samoan Affairs help facilitate the sanctuary’s community consultations in a manner that is culturally appropriate and respectful of fa`a-Samoa. Although there are nine islands Savai’I, Upolu, Manono and Apolima are … A significant number stated that they "hated" masculine play, such as rough games and sports, even more than females did as children.[1]. Although this traditional structure has begun to change over time, the principles of service and community remain. They feel it deep within themselves. Fa’a Samoa, in the beautiful Samoan language, literally means “The Samoan Way.” The phrase refers to the Samoan culture and traditions that color the everyday lives of many Samoan people. Ideas of the family in Samoa and Polynesia are markedly different from Western constructions, and include all the members of a sa, or communal family within the faʻamatai family systems. “Fa’a Samoa” sometimes can be confusing because it is made up of two distinct and vital elements that are tightly intertwined, where you can easily go back and forth, between these two elements, without realizing it. On the other hand, Samoans have very little patience with people who lack substance and morals. The word faʻafafine includes the causative prefix faʻa–, meaning "in the manner of", and the word fafine, meaning "woman". [9] Beginning in the 1980s, through the Samoan diaspora, faʻafafine began having a presence in contemporary global cultures. Aiga or extended family is the core of the Fa’a Samoa, where at the head of the family are matai or chiefs and each family member has their role to play in their tautua, or service to the extended family. The family committing the wrong will go to the home (outside in their yard) of the affected family before dawn sitting there, completely covered with the ‘ie toga’ or ‘fine mat’ waiting for the affected family to awake and give their verdict. Faʻa Sāmoa consists of the Samoan language, customs of relationships, and culture, that constitute the traditional and continuing Polynesian lifestyle on Samoa and in the Samoan diaspora. A recognized gender identity/gender role in traditional Samoan society, and an integral part of Samoan culture, faʻafafine are assigned male at birth, and explicitly embody both masculine and feminine gender traits in a way unique to Polynesia. Likewise, it is extremely disrespectful to eat or drink when walking through a village. The FTM or female-to-male equivalent in Samoa are known variously as faʻatane, faʻatama, and fafatama. Many cultural events and even daily life are centered around food and feasts. In addition to the set familial relationships, which extend to one's entire extended family (the ‘aiga) with its familial chief (the matai), Samoans show respect to persons in positions of authority, and reverently observe customs of long standing which have rather more force than mere etiquette. There is a tradition called, ‘fa’aafe’ (as just one example), because of our traditional homes or fales are open, we see everyone walking by and those sitting inside their fales will call out to anyone passing by to come and rest in the shade from the hot sun or rain and have something to eat. Archaeologists state early Polynesians traveled from South East Asia into the Pacific populating the islands of the western Pacific from Papua New Guinea to Tonga and Samoa. On Sunday mornings, many families cook on a Samoan umu, an above-ground stone oven. Who better to practice this on, then our parents, family, village, spouses, and culture. As you read through our list of Samoan traditions, see if you can spot the spirit of fa’a Samoa—the spirit of family. These values will make and define us as Samoans, no matter how much Samoan blood we possess or where we were born or raised. The sanctuary also makes a special effort to work with the American Samoan community with outreach programs for all ages. What sometimes add to the confusion, is the fact that it is an oral culture which you can only learned and live it by;  seeing, hearing, doing, and feeling it. Fa’a Samoa celebrates traditional values, culture and environment. In this system, both family and village leaders are expected to show qualities of selflessness, putting the best interests of the community and family members above their own interests. Some faʻafafine recall believing they were girls in childhood, but knew better as adults. The most major western influence accepted into Samoan custom has been Christianity which forms the spiritual basis of our society. It is the foundation of Polynesia’s oldest culture, which dates back some 3,000 years. These complex values and principles will be easier to be embraced, if the THREE CORE VALUES are lived and practiced in our daily lives. It is a three-legged pillar that support, feed off each other, and strengthen all of them equally. [1] It embraces an all-encompassing system of behavior and of responsibilities that spells out all Samoans' relationships to one another and to persons holding positions of authority. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Faʻa_Sāmoa&oldid=979715252, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2007, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 10:46. Reflected all throughout Samoan culture and tradition is the importance of maintaining close family and community ties. Discover the stories of your Samoan ancestors at FamilySearch.org, and continue the legacy. Samoans believe, if we live and be true to these THREE CORE VALUES along with the support of our families, we will have the faith, fearlessness, and tenacity to face and overcome any and all challenges. NOAA's national marine sanctuary offices and visitor centers are closed to the public while the waters remain open for responsible use in accordance with CDC guidance and local regulations. The three main pillars of Fa’a Samoa are the matai (chiefs), aiga (extended family), and the Christian church. Fa'asamoa literally means the ways of Samoa. Fa’a Samoa or the Samoan Way is the foundation of Samoan society culture and heritage. The Society of Faʻafafine in American Samoa or "Le Sosaiete o Faʻafafine i Amerika Samoa" (S.O.F.I.A.S) is an organization designed to foster collaboration between the faʻafafine and the LGBTQI+ communities in both American Samoa, the Asia Pacific region, and the world. Many believed she was the most sensible candidate. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window).
This is in contrast to women who stated that they merely "liked" engaging in those activities as children. Fa’a Samoa “Fa’a Samoa” sometimes can be confusing because it is made up of two distinct and vital elements that are tightly intertwined, where you can easily go back and forth, between these two elements, without realizing it. Understanding and practicing this will keep our ‘sacred center’ focus and strong. In Samoa, there is very seldom ridicule or displeasure towards a biologically male child who states that they are a girl. Traditionally, faʻafafine follow the training of the women's daily work in an Aiga (Samoan family group). Saleimoa Vaai, Samoa Faa-matai and the Rule of Law (Apia: The National University of Samoa Le Papa-I-Galagala, 1999). NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa place a high value on partnerships with sanctuary communities and maintain great respect for fa`a-Samoa. Second and just as important is; SERVICE (‘le ala i le pule o le tautua’ or the way to the top, leadership, or anything good in our life is through Serving/Service). SFA has been active on the international level working with the United Nations and Pacific regional NGO's, on behalf of the faʻafafine, transgender, and LGBT communities of the Pacific Islands. Today Samoan’s are regarded as the largest full blooded Polynesian race left in the world. Polynesia's third sex: The gay life starts in the kitchen. In American Samoa, the relationship between the sanctuary and the village council is critical to the success of this partnership. This also explains why where-ever and whenever we meet a fellow Samoan anywhere in the world, it is an occasion that is celebrated with great joy and jubilation like we’ve known each other all our lives, even if we just met for the first time. Facebook page for S.F.A.

Fa`a Samoa places great importance on the dignity and achievements of the … By equating the sanctuary with the concept of tapu, a fresh understanding of resource protection and management emerges, one which can have vital cultural and environmental significance. This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 13:44. Fa’a Samoa - the Samoan way – is a way of life that stretches back more than 3,000 years and is reflected in every aspect of Samoa’s communal society. This is true of any law. In Western culture, tattoos are often considered a form of adornment or self-expression, rather like clothing styles. There are so many different physical protocols for Service /Serving during various ‘Fa’alavelave(s)’ from vying for the honor of giving a welcome or thank you speech (fa’atau) for the honored guests, to the sua(s)’ presentation, to the ‘ava ceremonies’, to dividing resources (sila toga) after a fa’alavelave, (to dividing a pig), as it is the most important animal for sua(s).

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