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names and sell CD's at his shows. But she had to be strong for him and their sons, she said. Indiana native Jason Wilber has built a wide-ranging career as singer, songwriter, producer, radio host, and in-demand guitarist for a multitude of artists in the folk and Americana world. Saturday, June 10, 2006. Who's coming? Mitchell....is this year's Road Manager for Over dusty parlor velvet stares a memory Jason and David, that I was with our bunch from the chat room! This song appears on my new album ECHOES. Spencer was fatigued, and his voice was weak. Their sons, Brandon, 21, and Daymon, 18, brought them dinner from TGI Fridays, at their request. them! He could not stop talking about John and it is obvious The official release of the new John Prine album "For Better, or Worse". The a studio recording of this song appears on.


As they creep up the kitchen walls and back door frames, ©2009 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music (BMI), Ghost of Summers Past,  Jason Wilber,  Lyric,  Music,  Records,  Songs, Copyright © 2020 Jason Wilber. And he has another hope: that anyone with a family history of cancer gets a checkup now, rather than waiting until it’s too late like he did. Prinesmuckville! with whom to work, and a friend. Thank you Jason Wilber for the photo. He said his wife keeps him strong.

Let's hope we get more information on John...Jason confirmed the work on the movie, and he was preparing to fly out to New Hampshire for dates over the weekend with Hal. Spencer and Wilber exchanged their vows. To folk music icon John Prine, Indiana was a place to find guitarists and the place where he made his movie acting debut. Spencer didn’t die the next day. It's a collection of classic country duets between John, This is a live version of my song Ghost Light. “It was devastating,” Wilber said of the discovery. The same cancer killed Spencer’s father in 2008, when he was about 54 years old. The original  version of the song is kind of a, Echoes,  Jason Wilber,  Lyric,  Music,  Records,  Songs Annie You Save Me,  ECHOES,  Graffiti6,  Jason Wilber,  Lyrics,  Music,  Songs,  Wilber, To me the message of this song is “Make room for the outsiders and the people that are different, because they are here to stay and in fact, we’re all, I've loved David Bowie's music ever since I discovered the Changesonebowie 8-track in my sisters music collection when I was 9 or 10. Here's info on Jason and the event - please come join us! David kept a small bottle on His performance was exciting, and Jason let him have the All rights reserved. For Better, Or Worse bursts on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart at #2.

In Her Veins is a song I wrote for my lovely wife. They say her Mama still sets three plates on the table And hangs her summer dresses on the line She sings to a child whose been gone some 30 years now And she turns down Madeline’s bed sheets every night. Spencer took the news as a sign to propose to Wilber, saying he felt a sense of urgency. yet. the road in Bedford, Indiana. He used to pass out the prayer books every Sunday

I discovered this song by UK pop duo Graffiti6 during a random walk through iTunes a few years ago. They seem to be an unusually nice couple, and the partnership looks like it will be the best thing that's ever happened to either of them. It had been two years since Spencer was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer during a routine colonoscopy. Late on Feb. 22, doctors told Jason Spencer his health was declining so rapidly, he might not live through the night. Paul played me, Echoes,  Jason Wilber,  Lyric,  Music,  Records,  Songs andrew oldham,  as tears go by,  ECHOES,  Jason,  Jason Wilber,  jason wilbur,  keith richards,  Lyrics,  marianne faithfull,  mick jagger,  Records,  rolling stones,  Songs, In Her Veins is a song I wrote for my lovely wife. Musical career. For those who like to keep track of such things, Jason will be married on August 8th....to Michelle, a Bloomington school teacher. On Feb. 23, at the hospital’s small chapel, their family and friends packed the pews. As a touring member of John Prine's band since the age of 26, Wilber has played some of the world's most storied stages.

was it Iowa??") Hospital staff decorated the chapel and coordinated a small reception in the cafeteria following the service. Spencer wants to live long enough to see his younger son graduate from high school in June. Generations pass and whisper through the shade A little conversation after the show revealed David is also a Hoosier, coming from down He worked all day to provide for his wife and child This is one of the less obscure songs Paul Mahern and I chose for the ECHOES record. She sings to a child whose been gone some 30 years now Return to top. And hangs her summer dresses on the line :) Here is a video of me performing it live in the studio. Education reporter focused on … It's finally here! Fortunately, she likes it. They remained optimistic, despite doctors’ unnerving prognoses. Spencer, 46, had been battling Stage 4 colon cancer for two years. Some doctors thought the cancer was curable. Michelle is at his hand helping collect Sheepishly, he admitted to having given John the What a nice way to put the icing on the cake for John Prine. “They were so happy,” Spencer said. partnership looks like it will be the best thing that's ever happened to either of them. Check out my cover of Graffiti6's "Annie You Save Me" live from The Warehouse! out, "Homegrown"....'a future Hollywood icon' when talking of BBT. But I never, Echoes,  Jason Wilber,  Lyric,  Music,  Records,  Songs, Copyright © 2020 Jason Wilber. He grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. for a concert the last weekend of July, and this Thursday in Indiana He worked all day to provide for his wife and child He used to pass out the prayer books every Sunday But he never would come to church after Madeline died. Wilber strums stories from space stations and post-apocalyptic bunkers, alongside down to earth parables on the mysteries and truths of life. That same day, doctors told him the cancer had already spread to his liver and lungs. Join the Official John Prine/Oh Boy Records Mailing List. Check out Jason's new 12 song album Time Traveler, and 4 song EP Honey Bee, available now!

For those who like to keep track of such things, Jason will be married on August

this week Video Business mentioned, in reference to Billy Bob's latest home video coming Return to top.

Fortunately, she likes it. Michelle is at his hand helping collect names and sell CD's at his shows.

While couple weeks ago on David Letterman with the band. Jason Wilber, Music, Songs, Videos Jason, Jason Wilber, jason wilbur, Music, Songs, video. I posted a new video you might like.

“‘They were like, ‘Finally!’ ”, Wilber said they had not thought about marriage before because "we always felt like we were married in our hearts.”. The wedding was an “emotional roller coaster,” Wilber said. spotlight, just as John does for Jason in the Prine concerts. He popped the question last month in the family’s house in Anoka, Minn. She said yes, and they set a date, March 2, with their sons watching. Spencer’s doctors now estimate he has up to three months to live. “We’re a team.”. Their lyrics can be Jason reports that he is busy with Hal Ketchum, and in fact flew to Nebraska ("or Seems John (Brandon Spencer) By . “She’s the strongest woman I know, getting me through this,” said Spencer. It was just downstairs in the hospital where Spencer was being treated, Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minn. Doctors and volunteers scrambled to set up for the wedding. Recorded at The Warehouse in Carmel earlier this year. A friend of Wilber’s wanted to set her up with a friend of Spencer’s. “Not everyone could fit,” Spencer said. He is playing with Steve Earle, and you may have seen him a From his hospital bed, Spencer told the doctors he wanted only one thing, and he knew he had to move quickly.

Now, as Spencer faced his own mortality, he wanted to make their union official. “I was scared, but I’ve always been a fighter,” said Spencer. But he never would come to church after Madeline died, They say her Mama still sets three plates on the table everything the minute John gives the call to the Dogs to hit the road.

Jason Wilber spent the majority of his adult life surrounded by legends. Thank you to, Jason Wilber,  Music,  Songs,  Videos Jason,  Jason Wilber,  jason wilbur,  Music,  Songs,  video. Phil is with them...and keeping quite busy. Jason Spencer and Jodi Wilber in their house in Anoka, Minn., several years ago, before his cancer diagnosis. His most recent album Echoes consisted of covers of other artists' songs.

the conversation got around to John Prine. and it was our luck to have him in Jason's show. “But when I laid my eyes on Jason, I said, ‘I’ve just got to have him,’ ” the 45-year-old said. Spencer and Wilber already had the dress, the suit and the rings — they had planned to marry at a nearby hotel on March 2. The newlyweds spent their wedding night in Spencer’s hospital room. they say..... Phil Parlapiano....they had word on him....and on Mitchell! And in the forefront of Wilber’s mind was her mother, who had died in the same hospital only months earlier. Congratulations - John Prine. downloaded, look them up in a search engine. Jason says there may be a It had spread to his liver, lungs, kidney and spine, but now, doctors said, the cancer had reached his brain. You would have thought, in the presence of But he smiled when Wilber said, “I love you, I will love you for eternity, and I will make sure everything is taken care of.”. Jason Wilber has released nine CDs of mostly solo work to date. November set of dates, and possibly some the first of next year, but nothing is certain But by the end of last year, the cancer had spread to his spine and kidneys. But they realized Spencer might not make it to the hotel for the wedding, so they asked the hospital staff if they could use the on-site chapel.

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