hot country knights saving country music

HKN kinda reminds me of the serious dramatic actor that appears to have a comedic side to him/her and once they’re cast in a full-blown comedy, they slay in the role. January 25, 2020 @

I like Dierks and I am looking forward to this project but this song just sounds like an album cut from his self-titled album or his second, Modern Day Drifter. 12:46 pm. (And the hipster clothes.)

January 24, 2020 @

I live for the Strait and the Brooks and the Womack and the Singletary and the Rimes and Oak Ridge moments.

From what I’ve read, they are a group of musicians who, because of the legalities of being with different record companies, have disguised themselves as mummies in order to record and perform together. March 12, 2020 @

Trigger 12:54 pm. Ells Eastwood Will There Ever Be Any New Episodes of “The Marty Stuart Show”. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. January 4, 2020 @ 1:46 pm. Don’t make me knock the piss outta you. Categories. January 24, 2020 @ Always good to hear Tritt.

January 24, 2020 @ Billy Wayne Ruddick Theres also a lot of truth said in jest with Douglas comments. Your email address will not be published. The K Is Silent Track List: 1. Now the Hot Country Knights have released their first song called “Pick Her Up” with Travis Tritt guesting on the track, and granted, it’s a little silly and will have some mistaking it as some twangy version of Bro-Country because a pickup truck is mentioned. 9:48 am. And if Hot Country Knights singles do well on radio right beside the more country singles that are already starting to pepper the charts more than any other time in the last 10 years, who knows where this could lead. Midland. The crowd loved it. January 25, 2020 @ It’s really fun and I think it’s really needed in country music right now.

They’ve stolen the entire format from women. That would explain it.

January 3, 2020 @

This is where the band really shines. January 26, 2020 @ And let’s be real: releasing this type of material into the woke world we live in today—especially coming from someone signed to a major label like Dierks—takes a pretty big moose knuckle.

“Mull It Over” (Dierks Bentley, Jim Beavers and Jon Randall)8. And then two days later I Google them and find out it’s Dierks and his band. 3:46 pm, Oh, it’s funny alright. Pretty cool.

Fiddle. 7:56 am, cecil I remember watching it as a kid. March 11, 2020 @ 10:37 am. Bentley portrays lead singer Douglas "Doug" Douglason, with the other members of his band performing under the names of Trevor Travis, Marty Ray "Rayro" Roburn, Terotej "Terry" Dvoraczekynski, Barry Van Ricky… I’ll have to give this a listen when I get the chance. And that song really got the juices flowing.”.

Thought there was already a fake country band. 11:28 am, Dierks secured his future too – we will be dong the Moose Knuckle Shuffle in dance halls for years and years to come. but a ‘country’ version of spinal tap ? This song sounds just like T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Reading most of these comments make me feel this is why country music went to crap in the 10s. I don’t expect anything about this album to be “respectable.” I think they’re just farting around here. but what it’s really missing is the ‘T.’ Country music has Low-T right now…it could use a pick me up, if you know what I mean. Jay Eff If you haven’t heard of them and are into that kind of music, I think they are definitely worth a look and a listen. January 24, 2020 @ Required fields are marked * Comment. Even if they’re just a novelty act, I’m totally in, if this is the kind of music to expect from them. January 3, 2020 @ It will be lucky to enter top 20. jjazznola 12:11 pm. Trig, what would you say if you had that opportunity? I say go for it Dierks. I’m not sure how long this novelty is going to last but on a first listen it really does sound like some shit my uncle would listen to.
“Asphalt” (Jim Beavers, Jon Nite and Brett Tyler)4. And country music is better off with guys like him. March 11, 2020 @

54 Comments. “The Knights are promising to bring real ’90s country music back to a format that’s been drowning in male sensitivity, cashmere cardigan sweaters and programmed drum loops,” reads a portion of the press release—funny because it’s also patently true. Steel. Trigger Still great artists doing their thing on a smaller scale and some with a great fan base that support them. Melissa W And in the same way Dierks Bentley’s record Up On The Ridge became an entry point for many into the world of bluegrass, Douglas ‘Doug’ Douglason and Hot Country Knights could be the gateway drug back to a time when country was country. 63Guild My hat is off to the entire band for really showing us what true genius is all about.

What seems like a up tempo party song on the surface, is actually a sad country song, if you look deeper.

Compared to Florida Georgia line?? January 7, 2020 @ Thanks, Dan March 11, 2020 @

January 4, 2020 @ Will There Ever Be Any New Episodes of “The Marty Stuart Show”. January 3, 2020 @ “Jesus and Mama”, Daddy Never Wad The Cadillac Kind” and “When You Leave that Way You Can Never Go Back”. isn’t this just ‘bad rock with a fiddle “? Sawyer Brown also put out a lot of great stuff in the early 90’s, imo. January 24, 2020 @ (He does sounds like he hasn’t missed a step, either) Haven’t heard ‘Asphalt’ or ‘Moose Knuckle Shuffle’ yet but judging by the comments, it sounds like they’re as good, as funny… Or better. January 24, 2020 @

2:20 pm.

12:36 pm, Confederate Railroad in my opinion got too silly later in their career.

January 25, 2020 @ Dierks Bentley’s “Hot Country Knights” Just Got Real. March 12, 2020 @

Dierks May have some “non country” missteps along the way but you have to respect the guy.

January 24, 2020 @ HAHA, Loretta Twitty I would love if that style came back.
Not sure why wearing fanny packs and limited other articles of “90’s clothes” (note that some of these d bags are dressed more in-line with 80’s hair band fashion) and then calling it 90’s country is that funny. This would be solid country gold! January 24, 2020 @ 4:02 pm.

“It’s become less of a side project and my main focus for at least the first half of the year,” Dierks Bentley recently told Billboard, speaking in the capacity as the “producer” of Hot Country Knights as opposed to his character, Douglas ‘Doug’ Douglason. January 24, 2020 @ Darn straight that’s hilarious. Disagree 1:09 pm. All jokes aside, “Pick Her Up” is going to be released and promoted to country radio come February 3rd, and UMG Nashville will be looking to make it a bonafide hit.

It may not result in multiple radio hits or lots of albums sold, but watching Dierks Bentley swing from the rafters and doing what he wants, it makes you wonder what else The K Is Silent will have in store when it’s released May 1st.

January 25, 2020 @

3:58 pm, Blockman So Dierks Bentley’s whole “Douglas ‘Doug’ Douglason and Hot Country Knights” 90’s country side project has been good fun and everything, or at the least a little bit curious if you’re a country fan, even if it’s been hard to know just what exactly to make of it all beyond a way for Bentley and his touring band to blow off some steam and get silly for a little bit.

Dan Morris January 3, 2020 @ These guys come out and they looked completely out of place and they are bragging about how today’s country music is mediocre and they’re aiming to change things and whatnot. I don’t know how true that all is but it sure makes for a good story.

This is not just a screw off single ahead of a frivolous side project.

you can’t go back you can never go back. sawyer brown , confederate railroad , garth ……they all covered this ground .

wayne I don’t think they are funny.

Not sure how it will come off on an album but is pure gold live.

I never was a fan of Wheeler Walker Jr., but this stuff is actually pretty funny. While it may not be in the cards for HCK, it would be great for them to do some sort of little 4000 to 6000 seat concert venue tour and just have fun with it. I’m completely on board!

3:24 pm. Some of you stuffed-shirts are taking it way to serious. Back to Bizarro Saving Country Music. This is just stupid. Steel&Antlers Billy Wayne Ruddick 4:46 am. 9:28 pm.

January 24, 2020 @ That happens sometimes–I don’t always catch on so quick!

11:09 am, Maybe Hot Country Knights should open for Spinal Tap, Thass

9:14 am. but at least they are admitting to BEING a parody . Listening to it, makes me miss hearing Travis’ voice on radio. I think you hit the nail on the head when you called it his passion project. And although I don’t listen to his music, I completely forgot about this project, which I can tell I’ll be a fan of. Brothers Burns aka RUN C&W (with Russell Smith from the Amazing Rhythm Aces and Bernie Leadon from the Eagles) is another great example.

Dan, have you ever heard of the funk group ‘Here Come The Mummies’???

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