how to stay motivated with slow weight loss

P.S. Being aware of your body composition and calorie intake helps you identifies which exercises to increase and what changes you need to do to your diet. These non-behaviors truly add up and over time, help rewire your brain to a healthier mindset. If could be if... You’ve started diet/exercise plans multiple times but keep gaining the weight back; You get intense cravings and spend a lot of your mental energy trying to resist temptations; or, Even when you’re making progress, you still feel disappointed in yourself. 1- Be Clear About Why You Want To Lose Weight I’m more of an intuitive person myself, so how I FEEL is often more important to me than how I LOOK — Though, let’s be honest, I look pretty damn GOOD! Gaining and maintaining your dream body is an ongoing process that will test your patience. Those ultimate goals are far off, and while we’ll get there one day, it’s important to set shorter term goals that will keep you motivated on a daily basis. Your vote is your voice! How To Stay Motivated While Losing Weight . Ways to Stay Motivated. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. If your weight loss has slowed down, consider talking to a dietitian or doctor about other tactics to try. No Limits by Rebecca Jarvis is one of my favorites for career inspiration. While establishing early on how much weight, how many inches, how much tone, etc. I’ve started losing so much more weight with the weight loss Twitter community to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. There are many products out there you can use to reduce stress, see our best gift for stress relief. Keeping what you want in front of you will help you recommit to the process regularly enough to avoid the pitfalls that come with complacency. Without using these methods, I probably would have given up a long time ago. Rank your top three reasons, with 1 as your most important. This isn’t just gym buddy, but someone who is going to make sure you did what you said you’d do. All rights reserved. I expecte d to lose atleast 3, mayby 4, … Copyright © 2016-2020 Supporti, LLC. When you burn the same calories you eat, your weight loss slows down or stalls. So often the motivation to start on a new plan is triggered by something: a scary doctor visit, clothes that no longer fit, an upcoming event where there will be photographs taken. Pick one thing to change at a time and make it easy on yourself to weave it into your natural lifestyle in a way that makes sense. Or if you’re trying intermittent fasting, for example, don’t try ultra-long fasts or combine it with insanely strict dietary restrictions. All rights reserved. It is not to be used as specific medical advice or to replace consultation with your doctor. You have to think of it this way – how many times a day do you think negatively about yourself? But this is usually a temporary effect. a week is the weekly goal. Get your FREE copy of the Weight Loss Motivation Workbook, 2) Measure and track non-weight variables. How to Stay Motivated When Losing Weight Slows Down We are passionate about rebounding and the scientifically proven health and fitness benefits that can positively impact everybody’s life. You can also get inspired by a fictional superhero, as suggested in this video by NoobStrength (dressed as Captain America). Continued. Print out photos and place them around your home as a constant reminder of this greater cause. Permanent Weight Loss Specialist at Weight Loss by Pete, Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter, Register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot today. How to Stay Motivated On Your Weight Loss Journey! For example, review them before exercising. 12 Ways to Stay Motivated, Not Deprived, During Your Weight Loss Journey. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Walk, Walk, and Walk Some More! Did you skip dessert? That’s because when you reduce or cut calories, your body initially draws the energy it needs from its glycogen stores. 9) Dedicate your weight loss to something greater than yourself. Maybe if you have a personal trainer to push you to work out regularly, or a chef to cook you healthy, nourishing meals, you’ll have an easier time of it. You can do this on pen and paper in any notebook, online or on your computer, or even use social media as your weight loss journal, too! Just because you make these changes to improve your life, you can’t expect others at work or at home to forego some of the habits that seem like small stuff to them, but could completely derail your progress. Your why is the reason you are setting your weight loss goal in the first place. 10) Find an accountability partner with a different goal. You can also take this same approach with losing ‘x’ amount of inches, going down ‘x’ amount of sizes in clothing, going down ‘x’ amount in body fat percentage… You get the idea! medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you think about it, if you answer ‘Yes!’ to any of these questions, it would be kind of dumb to revert back to bad habits, and take the positives away, now, wouldn’t it? Don’t just picture yourself in a killer outfit once you meet your weight loss goals. That means continuing to ice, balance, and even do explosive plyometric movements on it to get it up to speed as quickly as possible. But most of us must have strong mental and emotional discipline to keep ourselves motivated to shed extra pounds over the long-haul. We may not have people in our lives who understand or support our behavior change. No matter how excited, motivated, and ambitious you start off; things always get harder before they get easier. You can contact a weight loss center for advice on new ways to shed weight. Some plans can become monotonous. So, there you have it! Sometimes you’ll be more motivated than others. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Monitor Eating Habits Closely. As someone who has struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, I can say that losing weight is easier said than done. It’s not a competition. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Consider working out for more than 30 minutes per day and adding exercises like weightlifting which increase your muscle mass. is important, that’s not something you’re going to be able to measure in a week, in a month, or even in a quarter (that’s three months for you non-corporate folk)! Sure, you might be able to sustain something like that for a week or so when natural motivation is high, but once you burn out, then what? But personally, I began to lose weight more easily when I started to look at my body and my life more positively. So many things can happen that can be used as an excuse to fall off the wagon, and if you don’t pick yourself up quick, you can set yourself back even further than before that obstacle reared its ugly head.

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