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She loves discovering and sharing viral videos. Jaqi responded by saying some photo shoots were supposed to be more solemn than others and that they were far from sad in the modeling job. This time, with identical twin girls. The girls might still have a long way to go since they’re still very young. ♥️♥️ - - - - @littletrendsetter #fashion #girlmodel #la #zurimodelandtalent #dreamraytalent #modelkids #girlsfashion #photos #photography #twins #kids #beautiful #twinmodels #identicaltwins #beauty #double #models #twinning #sisters #lamodels #ocmodels #identicaltwinmodels #kidsfashion #kidsmodel #photoshoot #childmodel #modellife #style #instakids #littletrendsetter, A post shared by Ava Marie & Leah Rose (@clementstwins) on Nov 8, 2017 at 7:37am PST. Jaqi worried it would be difficult to find one since it had been six years from the first attempt, but to her surprise, this process went exceptionally well, and they signed with two agencies in the end. 6 jobs this past week for us but lovin’ every minute! It wasn’t long before their mom, Jaqi, was inundated with comments about the girls’ natural beauty. IDENTICAL twins Leah Rose and Ava Marie have reached the dizzy heights of 546,000 followers, after their mum opened an Instagram account for them in July last year. It had been over six years since Jaqi first attempted to find a modeling agent. What makes it worth it for the Clements family is the joy that every bit of the experience, from getting their makeup done to meeting new people, brings to Ava and Leah. MAMÁSLATINAS - Twin Danish models Amalie Moosgaard and Cecilie Moosgaard at Paris Fashion Week in 2016. Here are the top 5 doppelgängers in the world right now: Zac and Jordan Stenmark, 27, are identical twin brothers from Sydeny and are of Swedish and Irish descent. We at LittleThings care about accuracy. The Brazilian model, 39, has a fraternal twin sister named Patricia. 1.8m Followers, 348 Following, 977 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ava + Leah (@clementstwins) She felt they were ready to try again with a modeling agency. Modeling can be a wild industry to be in, but these girls are lucky enough to have their mother and each other to guide them through. Some things take time. '”, #tbt - - - - #fashion #hairmodel #la #zurimodelandtalent #dreamraytalent #modelkids #girlsfashion #photos #photography #portraits #twins #kids #beautiful #twinmodels #identicaltwins #beauty #double #models #twinning #sisters #lamodels #ocmodels #identicaltwinmodels #kidsfashion #kidsmodel #photoshoot, A post shared by Ava Marie & Leah Rose (@clementstwins) on Jan 11, 2018 at 12:28pm PST. Their outstanding modeling success got them world fame and an opportunity to work with the most recognizable brands at the very young age of 7. With a 2-year-old son and brand-new set of twins, she said it was hard enough to get out of the door! Jaqi usually lets her daughters enjoy owning the spotlight, but every once in a while she’ll pose along with them. Instead, she has acted as Gisele's manager for years. “We’re known as the Prada twins now," they told The New York Times.

It didn’t take long for family and strangers to notice that the twins’ appearances were striking.

Some have even described Ava and Leah as “the most beautiful twins in the world.”, Sister Sunday - - - #fashion #girlmodel #la #zurimodelandtalent #dreamraytalent #modelkids #girlsfashion #photos #photography #twins #kids #beautiful #twinmodels #identicaltwins #beauty #double #models #twinning #sisters #lamodels #ocmodels #identicaltwinmodels #kidsfashion #kidsmodel #photoshoot #childmodel #modellife #style #instakids #zarakids, A post shared by Ava Marie & Leah Rose (@clementstwins) on Nov 12, 2017 at 8:50am PST. For all those reasons, Jaqi knows her girls are happy modeling, regardless of where it takes them. in 2015 - one of the most coveted jobs in the modelling industry. Jaqi and her family have turned traveling the world into a full-time job. 1 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Female 50 in 2015. The twins have met many girls in the modeling industry and made a lot of friends.

The only language the kids spoke were tears. A post shared by Ava Marie & Leah Rose (@clementstwins) on Jan 10, 2018 at 8:54am PST, Jaqi even detailed all the things the girls love about modeling. 23 Celebrities Before And After Weight Loss, 16 Embarrassing Kid Photos That’ll Make You Feel Lucky You Grew Up Before Social Media Was Invented, This Hyena Was Cornered By A Pack Of Wild Dogs, But What It Does Next Is Genius, What This Toddler Said At His Adoption Hearing Brought Everyone To Tears, 15 Crazy Rules Ellen Degeneres Forces Her Audience To Follow, 21 Most Expensive Divorce Settlements Of Hollywood Celebrities, See What The World’s Most Beautiful Twins Are Up To Now, 17 Richest Sports Owners You Probably Didn’t Know, 15 Reasons Why Emma Watson Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World. “Their follow up would always be… ‘Wow they are so beautiful, you should really think about getting them into modeling. Although girls have spent lots of time in modeling, the twins still are average little girls.

Ava Marie and Leah Rose were born four and a half weeks early, on July 7, 2010. The girls are now 8-years-old  and continuing to book work and see their stars rise together. Their skin was smooth, their hair had an uncommon silky texture, and their utterly symmetrical faces made them even more attractive. Now they have 1.4 million followers and counting! As times went on, she learned more about the business and saw both the highs and lows. Of course, we both want to work with great people and brands but at the end of the day if one of us doesn’t get a job then we hope the other gets it.". Want to use LittleThings' editorial content? The question is how can you really know the kids’ opinion whilst they’re still toddlers. As the days passed, Jaqi noticed more and more people following the twins’ Instagram account. The Clements twins became Instagram stars overnight, and modeling agencies began clamoring for the chance to sign them…. It was hard for her to get out of the door most days and she realized that it wasn’t the time.

Twins, mostly identical, are popping up in beauty and fashion campaigns and on the catwalk, either solo or side-by-side.

What a beautiful family. "The popularity of booking twins plays into this modern flux in what’s considered beautiful … Right now, we are in an era of experimentation and I think that people are more open to seeing new ideas of beauty on the runway," said casting director Noah Shelley, who books models for brands including Erdem and Kenzo. Jaqi felt it might be too early to push the girls into the modeling career, even though the thought was enticing. The twins’ older brother, Chase Robert, has also been signed to the same agencies. "We don’t get as many twin things any more; I’ve lost that. ” They like the new adventures we go on every week, never knowing where we will end up but looking forward to a new experience.

Strangers across the world are in awe of their beauty, sisterly connection, and knack for capturing a moment together. For the Clements family, modeling has become a family affair. BABY NAME WIZARD. They love that companies want to send them products and accessories just for being them!”, A post shared by Ava Marie & Leah Rose (@clementstwins) on Apr 5, 2018 at 7:59am PDT.
THANK YOU Last week we were so excited to have 3000 amazing supporters on Instagram!! There have been some people who are critical of the family for getting their children involved in the modeling industry at such a young age. They always like to goof around during photo shoots, make music playlists in the car, and even get on each other’s nerves. Therefore, they were never short of compliments. What a very gorgeous and fortunate family!

in 2015 - one of the most coveted jobs in the modelling industry. The twins were totally up for modeling.

A post shared by Ava Marie & Leah Rose (@clementstwins) on May 12, 2018 at 12:52pm PDT. Identical twins Leah Rose and … Having them put on loads of makeup and wear a collection of pretty clothes could be detrimental to their development. She posted the first photo of the girls on Instagram and had no idea their profile would go viral. The girls were still young. So happy to have each other for this crazy, FuN, you-never-know-what’s-comin’-next journey! Speaking about the cutthroat industry, they said: "Competitiveness doesn’t really come into it. The strawberry blonde beauties were booking regular jobs until Ruth shaved her head for an Alexander McQueen campaign. Thus their first attempt only lasted three months. Gisele Bündchen and her twin sister Patricia. A post shared by Ava Marie & Leah Rose (@clementstwins) on Jul 14, 2018 at 11:56am PDT. Jaqi Clements and her husband were so excited to start a family.
Then her career skyrocketed, with brands such as Saint Laurent, Chanel and Burberry tapping her newly tomboy image with cherubic face. Whether it be identical or fraternal, people are enthralled to know what it's like to share a life so intimately with another from the very first moment of creation. REVELIST - She is quite a beautiful woman herself. Jaqi believes that you should follow your heart and ask yourself before working with someone and doing thorough research to find the right guidance. For centuries, twins have fascinated people, featuring prominently in art, mythology and culture around the world. Mulberry’s creative director, Johnny Coca, based his entire autumn 2016 advertising campaign around Odette and Lia, with images that play on their mirror-images. Jaqi accepted advice and helped the twins signed up with an agency in Los Angeles to start them off with modeling work. Identical twins Leah Rose and Ava Marie were born in California on July 7, 2010. She’s also acknowledged that contrary to popular belief, parents don’t make boatloads of money when their kids model. Jaqi had no prior knowledge before diving in the business. ‍♂️ - - #fashion #girlmodel #la #zurimodelandtalent #dreamraytalent #modelkids #girlsfashion #photos #photography #twins #kids #beautiful #twinmodels #identicaltwins #beauty #double #models #twinning #sisters #lamodels #ocmodels #identicaltwinmodels #kidsfashion #kidsmodel #childmodel #modellife #style #instakids #littletrendsetter, A post shared by Ava Marie & Leah Rose (@clementstwins) on Dec 17, 2017 at 7:31am PST, “I presented my idea to the girls that, if they were up for it, in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices they had every week, they could give modeling a try.”. Twindom seems to define their lives and careers. She chose instead to bring up the twins alongside their peers and the whole family into a normal life. With designers no doubt asking themselves, "why have one beautiful person when you can have two?". So, the twins got this great opportunity and re-started their modeling life. Just a couple months later, Ava and Leah had over 700,000! The Bella Twins ( born 21 November 1983) were a women's professional wrestling tag team which performed on WWE and consisted of twin sisters Brie Bella and Nikki Bella. So, she thought, it would be a good time when girls were seven years old.

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