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Despite not being one of the main characters, Mr. Jingles did give you some occasional smiles and the question always remains in the back of the mind, what happened to him after Del’s execution? 2. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. jingles’ mom every time she does something to make his life miserable, not @ how benji started off being under the impression that he was a ruthless killer and wanting revenge on “the one that got away”, only to find out he DIDN’T kill those campers in 1970, got revived by satan after being killed, then broke free from ramirez because he couldn’t stand seeing innocent people killed, got his wife and son taken from him, AND having a lot of trauma in his childhood ala: younger brother gets accidentally killed, mama richter goes mad, kills everyone, holds a grudge against counselors AND Benji, then he has to kill her as well…, WE ROOT FOR BENJAMIN RICHTER IN THIS HOUSE PUTAS.

He's a total ass. adyleth liked this .

And Mr.Jingles is too cute! I’m sure Benjamin loved his brother very much although he didn’t always show it, hence why always blamed himself for his death even though it was an accident. I felt so bad for Benjamin, being framed like that. Share the best GIFs now >>> Is this going to be a repeat of Murder House? Mr Jingles is a real movie from 2006 who is a clown, Lynch played Twisty the Clown! Then Donna came along, made him kill all our innocent protagonists (Xavier, I’m so sorry that happened to you, you were such a lovely little boy ), then they killed him and was also revived by fucking Satan and had to go along with Ramirez’s killing spree and watch him murder children, women, men and old people. Me: *Slowly puts down the pizza I was eating*, now I’m thinking Jingles baby is gonna grow up to be someone in an earlier season, Bruh i feel for jingles cmere bitch lemme give a hug but dont murder me, Why is Mr Jingles on my sponsored instagram story. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Jingles was originally portrayed as an evil person but he’s actually one of the sweetest and most benevolent people ever. Share the best GIFs now >>> Lastly Bobby grows up and Benjamin has to watch his only CHILD leave him behind (after fighting Ramirez again) because he only wants the best for him and Bobby doesn’t deserve to not live. This season will end up being Margaret Booth vs. Mr. Jingles. Im sorry but Jingle’s mom literally told him an episode ago he should die and that his son should be ashamed of having a dad like him. The Green Mile, Mr. Jingles “Mr. I’m so sorry for Benjamin Richter he was a sweet guy. Kinda like Laurie Strode vs. Michael Myers in the Halloween films. Anyway, great gif, and I hope that percy (not the actor, because the actor was fantastic) burns in hell. I'm a light-weight when it comes to culture--it's just so darn Cute!!! dramaqueen13 likes this. Was it a gift or curse for both Paul and Mr. Jingles to live that long? Second the fact she basically said “oof oh well you’ll get them next time” because Jingles couldn’t save his son from RR lmao mother of the year award right? CAPTION. said: Me watching AHS while eating High Fructose Corn Syrup: AHS 1984 plot twist: Brooke is secretly related to Jingles somehow and they team up to kill the campers at Redwood. (warning rated R for mouse squishing and people being put in the electric chair) (when del gets killed though its kinda horific) its still a good movie though. Ryan Murphy cried. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. That face he pulls is pure gold, lol, chasing the poor thing up the mile, the movie is called The Green Mile. He didn’t even want to sell violent movies; that’s how non-violent he was.

wait last one i promise . And he didn't do it because he felt it was justice for his crimes, he did it because he wanted to watch Del fry to satisfy his own twisted mind. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Mr Tingles animated GIFs to your conversations. So Richard Ramirez is a character in the current season of American Horror Story, and I’m deeply disappointed that Tommy Wiseau wasn’t cast for the role. The plot also begins with the main girl being attacked and the killer declaring ‘I’ll come back for you’…, Kudos to my sleuthing queens @duncvns @and-shes-not-even-pretty, Imagine having a life that sucks as much as Mr Jingles’, like, 1) your dad dies in the war & you are socially ostracized, 3) your mother blames you for your brother’s death, 4) your mother goes on a killing spree and then tries to kill you, and you end up having to kill your own mother, 6) you develop a crush on a woman who’s nice to you, and your crush betrays you by going on a killing spree & then framing you, 7) you get arrested and tortured into believing you’re a homicidal maniac, 8) you eventually get married and have a kid, and your wife gets murdered & your child gets threatened, 9) you learn that your dead mother is the one who deliberately ruined your life & she vows to continue doing so, 10) your mother tells you that you were always a parasite, she wishes you died instead of your brother, etc, 11) your mother manipulates you into killing yourself.

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