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It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. One day, the four dream knights came to her house and wanted to sleep on her bed. Soo Jin said in her mind that she wanted to date and this how the six guys came about. Ji Soo likes her best friend’s boyfriend all the while. More Than Friends (jTBC) Cast: Sun Woong as Irene or Hyun Woo, Kim So Hyun as Jang Geu-Rim. The lead actor started to like her at first sight but he did not bother starting a relationship as he is busy earning money to make a living and earn his tuition fees (this is by memory so I am sorry if it is wrong). It was quite slow pace in the middle when there is not much development of the plot. Anyway, he was not scared of Mina despite her being unlucky. Although she won numerous awards, she was not happy. var dropdown = document.getElementById("cat"); Jung Da Eun is a part-timer at a cafe opened by Yoo Ji Han and Kim Byul is a 5 year idol who is very good at dancing. it was really amazing.. Cast: Hani as Yoon Na Na, Hwang Seong Eon as Lee Roo Mi, Bae In Hyuk as Park Dan Hee. Uhm Chae Young as Noh Ha Ni (Ae Jung’s daughter) After Jr knew they were knights, he told them that if In Hyung shred tears of happiness, they will be gone and if they want to live as humans, they had to betray their owner, which they did. Cast: Han Seung-Yeon as Shin Ji Hoo, Hong Jonghyun as Oh Tae Soo. The fifth is Taecyeon who is a rich guy and decided to relinquish his inheritance to marry Soo Jin. – Trailer II He looks too cute and cheerie and such a nice guy. The four of them disappeared as knights cannot get in contact with water.So the dolls became wet too. Also, the twist of the love story was very entertaining and unexpected, as, usually, they would have followed another plot line (I can't say more, for I would have spoiled the twist, which is the highlight of this drama). She got “The Miracle” card which nobody picked before and she got to choose a wish she truly wanted, which was to change looks with her sister and was given a wishing charm. Eventually, she managed to win back her ex-boyfriend’s heart. Cast: Gong Chan as Park Sung Jun, Kim Yoo Mi as Kang Yu Na, Moon Ga Young as Park Sub Bin, Kim Hee Jung as Han Jun Hee. She usually does live videos with her guy friend Moon Ye Chan and they usually like to tease each other. Who are the main characters? Her mother taught Suh Jin Mok piano when he was young but he played like a machine. When she was drunk, she was all crazy and did a lot of things to Jae Woong who brought her back home. The above reviewer said it all. Yoon Sol kissed someone after she was drunk and she really liked the kiss. What are some challenges they will face in this journey? The first time she ran into Do Jeon was when she was being chased by a guy because she spilled water at his clothes while running a marathon. Yoo Seol was unhappy and played it the way her mother wanted him to play like. / We, Were in Love The fourth is EXO Kai who was her student who fall in love with her. Her mother still wanted her to play piano despite her losing her eyesight, which made her want to commit suicide. He is very nice to the poor and weak but he cheat other’s money to get enough money for something he needs to do (There is a good reason why he do this. SF9 as themselves (ep 6) In this drama, there is a mobile application, Love Alarm, that lets you know whether there are people in your 10-metre radius who loves you (provided both of you switch on your love alarm). Cast: Kim So Hye as Han Sa Rang, Kim Young Jae as Choi Seung Hyuk. Lee Na-Ra likes Woo Ri but he did not dare or know how to confess to her. Kwon Soo Ah did many more bad things, which I will be saying later. Genre: Romance SF8 (MBC) They were unsure about their feelings for each other and did not know how to confess their feelings for each other. But it doesn’t consume her, she still studies and thinks rationally through things (most of the time). That is the end of the drama. Will Kang Shin Woo changing the past allow Kang Shin Woo and Han Ji Soo to be together? She was very poor and did not have enough money to even pay her school lunch. I hope there will be a sequel. Do Jeon went to find her. Hee Young did not believe him and thought it was a lie. So cute couple. He always encourages and supports her for whatever she does (especially what she likes to do which is taking photo of food and posting them). The execution of his character is a bit wonky and they tried to pack too much into him. The palate is subdued and I have no idea why they choose to do so. Birthcare Center (tvN) To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Despite the story being short, it’s decently well thought out and plot points connect well and there is even some minute character development, which gives the story warmth. E o final é decepcionante. Will they be able to get together? No Time For Love English Subtitle. Alice (SBS) Writer/director: But will their love last forever? : No Why did I press play? Also, the twist of the love story was very entertaining and unexpected, as, usually, they would have followed another plot line (I can't say more, for I would have spoiled the twist, which is the highlight of this drama). – Trailer I However, she could not find someone who looks just like him. Will Eun Woo and Jae Won choose to be together or go with their previous love or crush? On Dal is someone who needs money a lot as he needs the money for some important reason (you can watch yourself to find out more). Oh Kyung Hwi still likes Oh Na Bi and he managed to went back to the past and change the past. She is unable to download the mobile application as her phone was too old and it is not compatible with her phone. In the last few episodes, with the whole cheerleading club’s support, she decided to go back to school and repent on her mistake. Watch the drama to find out. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Jun Mok felt very sorry because he prayed for her to be gone and now she really lost her eyesight. Because of that, In Sung becomes superhuman who can memorise information just by flipping books, has extraordinary fighting and physical abilites, and turns into another person who is cool and attractive. Music 5.0. Hong Yoon Hwa as herself (ep 4) The journey continues as both sisters experience each other’s life. if ( dropdown.options[dropdown.selectedIndex].value > 0 ) { Lies of Lies (Channel A) When they went into the kitchen when she was inside drinking water, she sprayed water at Chanyeol, which made the exo members shocked. Perhaps it’s a new trend? Flower of Evil (tvN) Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Cast: Lee Joo Seung as Kang Yoo Chan and Na Hae Ryung as Yoo So Ra, Falling For Challenge/Falling For Do Jeon Web Drama(2015), Cast: Kim So Eun as Ban Hana and Xiumin(EXO) as Do Jeon. Lee Kyo Yup (이교엽) as Director Kim, Lee Hwa Ryong as Myung Kwae Nam (Ryu Jin’s manager) After that, they fell into the pool. There is no upload yet of the latest drama. He meets his younger self and struggles to make the younger Kang Shin Woo’s love come true. Review to let you know more about the characters other than the mobile application: Kim Jojo is a high school student who has a lot of part-time job. He bet with the other students that if he won the competition, they had to believe that his father is that pianist. Kim Da Som as Joo Ah Rin, Kim Mi kyung as Choi Hyang Ja (Noh Ae Jung’s mother) Cast: Jin Young as Lee Na-Ra, Nickhun as Joon, Yoon Park as Jae, Kang Yoon-Je as Lee-Sung, Ryu Seung Soo as Master Han, Shin Eun Soo as Han Yi-Seul, Park Gyu-Young as Woo-Ri, Nam Sung Joon as Kim Jong-Man and Park Joo-hyung as Kei. Surplus Princess, Orange Marmalade and Liar Game Reviews in Korean Dramas. Jae Won decided to be her fake boyfriend and always asked her out on dates every Wednesday 3.30 pm, which is when every girl looks very tired as they have already worked for half a week.

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