population of jindabyne

Jindabyne celebrated the new town's 50th anniversary on 19 December 2014[7] with a long lunch, parade through the town centre, and speech by Peter Hendy MP.

[8] The celebrations were attended by His Excellency, General David Hurley, Governor of New South Wales, Member for Monaro, Mr John Barilaro, Mayor of Snowy Mountains Shire, Mr John Cahill. There are 15 widowed people living in East Jindabyne. The body of water is one of the largest fresh water reservoirs in New South Wales, and has a resident population of Atlantic Salmon, Brook Trout Brown trout and Rainbow Trout. In Jindabyne (Urban Centres and Localities), 33.5% of occupied private dwellings had one registered motor vehicle garaged or parked at their address, 36.0% had two registered motor vehicles and 18.0% had three or more registered motor vehicles. In Jindabyne (Urban Centres and Localities), of couple families, 30.5% had both partners employed full-time, 4.8% had both employed part-time and 26.8% had one employed full-time and the other part-time. Originally situated on a site that is now under the waters of Lake Jindabyne, the township was relocated to its present position in the 1960s before the damming of the Snowy River as part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. To access the hidden content within each section, select the section to display the content, then use arrow keys to navigate down to the expanded content. 18.4% of homes are rented. Check out FY 2013 Tax Stats for East Jindabyne postcode 2627. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Cfb. [6] The dam's main purpose is for the generation of hydropower and is one of the sixteen major dams that comprise the Snowy Mountains Scheme, a vast hydroelectricity and irrigation complex constructed in south-east Australia between 1949 and 1974 and now run by Snowy Hydro. The information contained in this QuickStat has been produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics | It contains data from the 2011 Census of Population & Housing held on 9 August 2011 | Release date of this QuickStat was 28 March 2013 | Some values may have been adjusted to avoid release of confidential data | These adjustments may have a significant impact on the calculated percentages in QuickStats | For more information refer to Introduced Random Error in the 2011 Census Dictionary. Of employed people in Jindabyne (Urban Centres and Localities), 8.2% worked 1 to 15 hours, 7.6% worked 16 to 24 hours and 50.3% worked 40 hours or more.

The other top responses for country of birth were 2.7% England, 1.4% New Zealand, 1.3% Eastern Europe, nfd, 1.3% Switzerland, 0.9% Finland, 0.9% France, 0.7% Turkey, 0.7% Canada, 0.7% Germany. Mr Barilaro said, “this project was identified by the community as the number one priority project for Jindabyne.” In Jindabyne (Urban Centres and Localities) 37.5% of people were attending an educational institution. In Jindabyne (Urban Centres and Localities), 64.1% of people had both parents born in Australia and 18.9% of people had both parents born overseas. The average annual temperature in Jindabyne … Proportions are calculated using all tenure types for occupied private dwellings. includes demographics & education | cultural & language diversity | employment, includes family composition | weekly incomes | employment status of couple families, includes dwelling structure | household composition | mortgage & rent | number of motor vehicles, includes selected people & dwelling characteristics, Australia | New South Wales | Urban Centres and Localities, Language, top responses (other than English), Median family income, couple families with two incomes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Technical or further education institution, Cared for child/children (last two weeks), Provided unpaid assistance to a person with a disability (last two weeks), Did voluntary work through an organisation or group (last 12 months), One employed full-time, other not working, One employed part-time, other not working, Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse etc, Households where rent payments are less than 30% of household income, Households where rent payments are 30%, or greater, of household income, Households where mortgage payments are less than 30% of household income, Households where mortgage payments are 30%, or greater, of household income. Snowfalls are common in the region, but usually light (although sometimes heavy). Snowy Mountains TV is also broadcast from the same location, and operates in addition to the other broadcasters under an open narrowcasting licence. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Qpzm LocalStats Australia 2020 ™ © *Based on ABS data -, FY 2013 Tax Stats for East Jindabyne postcode 2627. The nature of the income imputation means that the reported proportion may significantly overstate the true proportion. Of the families in Jindabyne (Urban Centres and Localities), 40.2% were couple families with children, 40.9% were couple families without children and 15.5% were one parent families. Lake Jindabyne is a sailing, walking and fishing destination. The nature of the income imputation means that the reported proportion may significantly overstate the true proportion. In Jindabyne (Urban Centres and Localities), of people aged 15 years and over, 69.2% did unpaid domestic work in the week before the Census. Prices can be heavily increased during the peak winter season, although they generally remain lower than those of outlets within the national park and ski resorts. Name Population Census 2001-08-07 Population Census 2006-08-08 Population Census 2011-08-09 Population Census 2016-08-09 ;

At the 2016 census, Jindabyne had a population of 2,629 people. However, Jindabyne also attracts tourists in summer with Lake Jindabyne popular for activities such as fishing, water skiing and wakeboarding. Select again to collapse the section and hide the content. The median weekly personal income for people aged 15 years and over in Jindabyne (Urban Centres and Localities) was $690. In the 2011 Census, there were 1,727 people in Jindabyne (Urban Centres and Localities) of these 54.4% were male and 45.6% were female. The government will also allocate $11.8 million to construct an additional 100km of new trails linking existing walking and cycling routes around Lake Jindabyne.

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