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[61] A Texas convention approved of the offer of annexation in July 1845, and Texas officially became the 28th U.S. state on December 29, 1845.[62]. Seale (1992), pp. [21] Governor Houston advocated the construction of internal improvements such as canals, and sought to lower the price of land for homesteaders living on public domain. With the assistance of George Washington Baines, she convinced Houston to convert, and he agreed to adult baptism. The couple purchased Margaret's house where they helped Nannie provide a home for their younger siblings, and also raised their own five children there. Breaking with the Senate tradition that held that freshman senators were not to address the Senate, Houston strongly advocated in early 1846 for the annexation of Oregon Country. "[97] Ultimately, several of Houston's associates were cooperative with the Crane endeavor, but not everyone was inspired to join the effort. [11] Through Martin Lea, he made the acquaintance of Antoinette's husband William Bledsoe, a wealthy businessman who in turn suggested Nancy Lea as a possible investor. [96][97][98], On May 9, 1840, Houston, aged 47, married for a third time.

[15] When the couple's engagement was announced in newspapers, the Leas were not the only ones who were skeptical. Crane was a Lea family friend from Alabama who had little more than a passing acquaintance with "the hero of San Jacinto". Defending his vote to create a territory that excluded slavery, Houston stated "I would be the last man to wish to do anything injurious to the South, but I do not think that on all occasions we are justified in agitating [slavery]. [21], The year before he met Margaret, Houston had purchased property at Cedar Point on Galveston Bay in Chambers County, which he named Raven Moor, and planned to expand with income from his law practice.

born sometime around 1796. However, Van Buren's opposition to annexation damaged his candidacy, and he was defeated by James K. Polk, an acolyte of Jackson and an old friend of Houston, at the 1844 Democratic National Convention. Houston crossed into Texas in December 1832, and shortly thereafter, he was granted land in Texas. She was his third wife, remaining with him until his death. carried a copy of The Iliad in one hand, and a rifle in the other. [7][8] Houston formed a close relationship with Ahuludegi and learned the Cherokee language, becoming known as Raven. connection with Sam Houston, as Houston also appears as my 1st When she died of yellow fever four and a half years later, Margaret could not be buried with her husband in a public cemetery in Huntsville for fear of contamination, and was instead interred next to her mother on private property. Her mother Nancy Lea was a constant in their lives, helping with the children, managing the household help, and always providing either financial assistance or temporary housing. ", The Raven. [72] In 1855, Houston began to be associated publicly with the American Party, the political wing of the nativist and unionist Know Nothing movement. Roberts (1993), p. 38; Seale (1992), pp. Seale (1992), p. 239; Roberts (1993), p. 338. He was forced out of office in 1861 and died in 1863.

[14] In February 1818, he received a strong reprimand from Secretary of War John C. Calhoun after he wore Native American dress to a meeting between Calhoun and Cherokee leaders, beginning an enmity that lasted until Calhoun's death in 1850. Widowed young with five children to support, she became postmistress of, Antoinette (Nettie) Power Houston (1852–1932) was poet laureate and state historian for the, William (Willie) Rogers Houston (1858–1920) was a lifelong bachelor, and became a career Special Agent of the.

American Indian woman the honor she deserves. [20] Supporters of Jackson eventually coalesced into the Democratic Party, and those who favored Adams became known as National Republicans. [96] That assessment of Margaret's relationship with her husband was echoed over a century later by author James L. Haley, "... Houston trusted the care of his soul to Margaret, that he had no more war to fight within himself, left him with more energy to wage political battle. Roberts (1993), p. 99; Seale (1992), pp. Haley (2004), pp. After the Battle of Gonzales, Houston helped organize Texas's provisional government and was selected as the top-ranking official in the Texian Army. [Note 2], Margaret was now a widow with seven of her eight children under the age of 18 and financially dependent on her. [49] In 1838, Houston frequently clashed with Congress over issues such as a treaty with the Cherokee and a land-office act[50] and was forced to put down the Córdova Rebellion, a plot to allow Mexico to reclaim Texas with aid from the Kickapoo Indians. the career of Sam Houston and, --Memorial slab at burial site of Margaret Lea Houston and Nancy Moffette Lea[99], After emancipation and Margaret's death, "Aunt Eliza", as the children called her, alternated her time between Nannie's and Maggie's households. Houston's mother followed through on those plans and settled the family near Maryville, Tennessee, the seat of Blount County, Tennessee. In 1829, after divorcing his first wife, Houston resigned from office, and joined his Cherokee friends in Arkansas Territory. The great chief adopted Houston as [82] Nonetheless, some of Houston's Texan supporters nominated him for president in April 1860. Ben Lomond and Raven Hill homes deteriorated through the years and were destroyed, as was Nancy Lea's home in Independence. [92], Nancy Lea died of an undiagnosed set of flu-like ailments on February 7, 1864, and was entombed on the grounds of her home. [58] Houston continued to curry favor with Britain and France, partly in the hope that British and French influence in Texas would encourage the United States to annex Texas. She returned to live near her mother in Independence, Texas,[91] swapping land for a nearby property that became known as the Mrs. Sam Houston House. Steamboat House was moved in 1936 to the grounds of the Sam Houston Memorial Museum at Sam Houston State University, and designated a. Mexico also agreed to recognize the Rio Grande as the border between Mexico and Texas. Houston played a key role in the annexation of Texas by the United States in 1845, and in 1846, he was elected to represent Texas in the United States Senate.

[70] He subsequently defeated incumbent Runnels with a second bid for the office during a period when the populace was bitterly divided over the issue of secession from the United States, and was sworn in December 31, 1859. 101–104; Haley (2004), p. 264. The story focuses on Margaret's role as a confidant of her husband from his days as president of the Republic of Texas to his time as governor, a post that he resigned in 1861 because he could not in good conscience support the Confederate States of America, of which Texas was a partner.

Neither Houston nor Eliza ever gave a reason for their separation, but Eliza refused to sanction divorce. He joined the Democratic Party and supported President James K. Polk's prosecution of the Mexican–American War. After Houston refused to swear an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy, the legislature declared the governorship vacant. [77] In the 1857 Texas gubernatorial election, Texas Democrats nominated Hardin Richard Runnels, who supported the Kansas–Nebraska Act and attacked Houston's record. His perception of Margaret, however, was that of an extraordinary woman, in many aspects equal to the man she married. As a descendant of the That financial burden fell on the shoulders of the incumbent, and the state partially defaulted on Houston's salary. With the help of her extended family in Texas, Margaret convinced her husband to give up both alcohol and profane language.

Samuel Houston, was an elected member of the "lost" State of Franklin then in the western frontier of North Carolina, who advocated for the passage of his proposed "A Declaration of Rights or Form of Government on the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Frankland" at the convention that was assembled in Greeneville, Tennessee on November 14, 1785. He was succeeded by Mirabeau B. Lamar, who, along with Burnet, led a faction of Texas politicians opposed to Houston.

Texas gave up some of its claims on New Mexico, but it retained El Paso, Texas, and the United States assumed Texas's large public debt. When her mother died, Nannie assumed guardianship of her younger siblings. [43], Word quickly spread about Houston's upcoming public baptism, and spectators traveled from neighboring communities to witness the event. Houston chose to align with the Democratic Party, which contained many of his old political allies, including President Polk.

[90] He later settled in Huntsville, Texas, where he lived in a structure known as the Steamboat House. In this role, he opposed secession and unsuccessfully sought to keep Texas out of the Confederate States of America. [81] Houston, like all other office holders in the state, was expected to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy. In January 1829 Houston, then Governor of Tennessee, married 19-year-old Eliza Allen. [10] He arrived in Mobile, Alabama, in the early months of 1839 as a partner of the Sabine City Company, seeking investors to develop a community that is today known as Sabine Pass.

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