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The first team who won the coin toss backstage before the show set the time, while the second team tried to beat the time.

If player #2 on the first team correctly guessed the prize player #1 picked on the first try, they won the prize and moved on to the next "store," where the process was repeated; if player #2 made a wrong guess, there were clues pinned (!) And now, here's the host of Shopping Spree… RON PEARSON!" When the 20 seconds expired, the contestant was released from his/her pose, stepped off the pedestal and met his/her partner for the first time. Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween?

It resurfaced on Lifetime from 1990 to 1995, and then the now-defunct Pax network from 2000 to 2003.

Aside from greeting, the strangely-dressed contestant was not allowed to communicate by word or gesture. Additionally, beginning in the second half of Season 1, for the Double-Up Derby, in addition to the drumroll and "boing" (for wrong answers) or "cymbals" (for right answers), a xylophone tinkle was added for the translation from the on-camera image of Denise/Dennis where that picture would zoom out to the prize he/she chose. Also late in the first season and in all of the second season, when Ron Pearson told the second team to beat the time the first team took to finish before the second team began shopping, a cue card was held in their hands with their set time written on it. In "Shopping Spree," two teams, each comprised of two players, tried to guess a prize one of the players on each team chose beforehand, which was hidden inside one of six on-stage "stores." Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights

In the first round of the game, one contestant from each team was shown a grocery item and were asked to guess its retail price. Once the shopper chose the right six prizes, the clock stopped. Also in Season 2 new sound effects were used.

After choosing each prize, the shopper ran back to the "town square" and showed the prize he/she chose. These three friends grew up shopping together, hanging out at malls, checking out the cute boys.

Occasionally, he would do crazy stunts using items from the Birthday Board (the winning team and that day's Denise/Dennis DuJour could also join in). Sitemap The shopper was given 20 seconds to analyze the items on the contestant who was still posing. For the first taped episodes without the Double-Up Derby, the show went to the first commercial break after meeting the "strangely-dressed" contestants for both teams, and after the first commercial break, the first team's "strangely-dressed" contestant would play first. The shopper of the winning team won a gift certificate for his/her own $500 shopping spree, while their "strangely-dressed" teammate kept all the prizes chosen by him/her at the start.

The Unofficial Shopping Spree Homepage

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When going into the first commercial break (the second commercial break for the first taped episodes without the Double-Up Derby), Denise/Dennis pulled down a shade on a door at the general store that had the show's logo on it surrounded by the words "WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK" above it. Denise/Dennis came out while announcer Burton Richardson read a description about that day's Denise/Dennis. When they were done, the "strangely-dressed" contestant was asked to strike a pose after the count of three after which the shopping partner was brought out.

Your Ad Choices Shortly thereafter, the second team played; whichever team amassed the most prizes in the least time won. Title: The "store" had hidden doors on the side for contestants to enter and exit through; those doors would be locked shut for the "Birthday Party" reveal.

Let's say hello to this strangely dressed person over here on my right, (insert contestant's name). Giving away too much of a hint in their pose incurred a 10-second penalty.

In the first half of the game after going over the clues for the member of the first team, a randomly selected member of the studio audience (who was given the name "Denise DuJour" in case of a female, whereas in the case of males it was "Dennis DuJour") modeled the six stores in play for that day's show. The cartoon disappeared Bonanza-style (except with magic balls instead of flames) to reveal the set, the computer-animated logo attached to a hot air balloon crossed the screen (it would cross again going into the third and final commercial break), and the contestants spread out to either side of the street to make room for Pearson's entrance through the ice cream parlor door. The object of the game was to shop for the right six prizes in a faster time than the opposing team.

Prior to the show, one contestant from each team was shown the six stores, and from each store chose one prize they would like to have.

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However, for the first taped episodes (without the Double-Up Derby), only a series of buzzers sounded for the Birthday Party game when time ran out; around the time the Double-Up Derby was added, they added ominous-sounding horns which would segue into the theme song continuing to the closing. The “Supermarket Sweep” revamp will join an impressive roster of other ABC-acquired reboots, including “Match Game,” “Press Your Luck,” “Card Sharks,” “To Tell the Truth” and “The $100,000 Pyramid.”.

For the "no Double-Up Derby" shows of the first season, while Ron was inspecting the items, the contestant's clues would be circled with the use of an electronic pen (ala Now You See It and football instant replays).

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Sounds like a dream, we know.

Win or lose, Denise/Dennis won a $100 salary.

The Birthday Party was a bonus game where the winning team shopped for seven gifts related to seven celebrities. The frenetic Black Friday shopping spree meets “Jeopardy!” show follows three teams of two contestants each as they race through supermarket aisles to … the shopper's job was to run to each of the six stores one at a time and pick a prize he/she thought was what the "strangely-dressed" contestant wanted.

In "Shopping Spree," two teams, each comprised of two players, tried to guess a prize one of the players on each team chose beforehand, which was hidden inside one of six on-stage "stores."

Each correct gift was worth $100, and matching the correct gifts to all seven guests before the time expired won each player on the winning team a vacation package for two and a $1,000 shopping spree, but if the team won the Double Up-Derby, the shopping spree was doubled to $2,000. Shopping Spree (not to be confused with the currently active Pricing Game from The Price is Right of the same name) was a two year old shopping game show where contestants shopped for prizes for their unacquainted partners. The sound effect used for an incorrect prize in the main game was used in the 1988 game show Blackout.

If the prize was correct, he/she dumped it in the shopping bag and ran to the next store, if the prize was incorrect, the host read a clue about the right item to the shopper, who ran back to the store he/she was currently on to try again.

Privacy Notice Written by Now, say hello to this strangely dressed person over here on my left, (insert contestant's name).

Before the show, two contestants (one from each team) each picked the one prize from a choice of four they would each like to have from each of the six stores on a fictional street on stage. Shortly thereafter, the second team played; whichever team amassed the most prizes in the least time won. 462,253, This story has been shared 230,990 times. Looking for some great streaming picks?

In this game, the winning team played a special game affecting the grand prize shopping spree entitled "Denise/Dennis DuJour's Double-Up Derby." The team who came the closest won the item and an additional 15 seconds to their time.

When the Double-Up Derby was added, to make time for the Double-Up Derby, after meeting the "strangely-dressed" contestants, they would go straight to the first team's "strangely-dressed" contestant's description; the first commercial break was not taken until after the first team finished shopping.

The left side revealed the playing area, the center piece held a large representation of a birthday cake, and the right side showed "The Birthday Board" which was a purple wall of 12 to 14 items. The winning team then went on to play two more rounds, the next of which (called "The Double-Up Derby") was similar to the first but the prize was now picked by a member of the studio audience and the dollar amounts were doubled.

William Bennett Warfield. The shopping show has also made a splash worldwide with 13 international iterations, reports Variety. Oscars 2020 will be mercifully hostless again this year, This story has been shared 462,253 times. If the gift was correct, it was accepted, dropped into the prize pile and the next guest appeared; if not, the guest would "reject" that gift and push it back. Come on over here, you g… At the end of all episodes, Ron Pearson juggled things (Ron is a real life professional juggler) and sometimes balanced things on his nose.

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