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However, Seville deserves more than just a day trip. Then there's the Sacromonte area, the old quarter with cave dwellings that people still live in.

Take the bus straight from the airport to Seville or Granada.

None of the above. You might want to spend more time in Seville than in Granada, but if you could only choose one place to visit in Andalusia, my choice would be Granada over Seville. Then you have to stay at Rambutan Guest House.

No, Spain hasn't annexed Tangiers, but as it's just half an hour by boat from Tarifa, it may as well be in Andalusia in terms of your trip planning. Cadiz is a great place to sample the famous fried fish of Andalusia.

Day Trip, Stay The Night or Base Yourself in Seville? Originally … There are even direct high-speed trains from Barcelona now. Seville.

Jerez invented sherry and a guided tour of one of the many. If you are visiting Seville, Ronda, Cadiz, Jerez or Tarifa, Tangiers is certainly worth a visit. Hopping over to Tangiers from Andalusia is easy to way to not only add in another country but another continent to your vacation. Trains are frequent and fast. Seville is an ideal place to base yourself for exploring Andalusia. For more details, see our, Andalusia Suggested Itineraries from Madrid or Seville, Andalusia Suggested Itineraries from Malaga.

Tapas in Seville don't come for free, but they are also generally speaking better quality than in Granada. Here's how to start your trip, depending on where you arrive from.

You can see everything you need to see in Jerez in a day, but you might want to stay a night to enjoy the bar scene.

This list is in order from most to least interesting places to visit in Andalusia. To be honest, the only reason to visit Tangiers is if you can only spare a day in Morocco. As already mentioned, Cordoba is convenient for anyone visiting from Madrid or Seville, thanks to the high-speed AVE train.

It's one of the best views in Spain at an unbelievably low price. Day Trip, Stay The Night or Base Yourself in Tarifa? Day Trip, Stay The Night or Base Yourself in Cordoba? Find out what festivals go on in Andalusia: Festivals in Andalusia.

For similar reasons, it's best to do a day trip from anywhere but Malaga and the Costa del Sol if you decide to do a guided tour. And of course, for lunch, you have to check out the city's famous tapas bars. The old town area is beautiful, especially the La Viña neighborhood (see the picture above). Jerez is all about the sherry. Read more about how to get from Malaga to Granada. From Madrid, it is just two-and-a-half hours to Seville by high-speed train. How Long Should You Spend in Each City in Spain? He has written about the country full time since 2006. Sherry in Jerez.

On the hill opposite the Alhambra are two fantastic barrios to explore.

In fact, Seville is second only to San Sebastian for gourmet tapas in Spain. For many, Seville is the best city in Andalusia, and there is no disputing that Seville has a lot … So what does Malaga have going for it? Seville. There are loads of guided tours of Morocco that depart from Spain. If pressed for time, you can see the most important sights of Cordoba in a few hours, making it the perfect stop on the way from Madrid to Seville.

But if you want more than that, you should go anywhere else.

Tarifa is all about the water: particularly, watersports, visits to Morocco and whale watching. If you have three days in Spain and want sun, food, and nightlife, Malaga is perhaps your best bet on the mainland. The Alhambra.

How to Get to Tangiers and the Rest of Morocco, Osuna and its use as a filming location in Game of Thrones, The bridge at Ronda.

The Albayzín (the spelling varies) is the old Moorish quarter, with narrow winding alleyways flanked by gorgeous whitewashed buildings. Depends on how you are arriving in the region. Barrio Santa Cruz, Macarena, and Triana are the three top neighborhoods to explore on your trip to Seville. Tangiers, though not Morocco's most interesting cities (Fez and Marrakech take that prize), is a city with a vast amount of heritage. Cadiz is lovely, a day trip is probably enough. As the first stop in Andalusia when heading south from Madrid, it also makes sense to base yourself in Cordoba, to minimize your travel time.

Flamenco in Seville, the home of Spain's most distinctive art form.

Seville Where to Stay. Cordoba is a stop on the way to Seville.

Or travel under your own steam by ferry. If already in Seville, visiting Cordoba for a day is well worth the 45-minute train journey.

Connections from elsewhere are a little more difficult, as the trains are not as fast (often it's just as quick to take the bus). For visits to these last two cities, the only place to base yourself would be Seville.

If there’s one monument you must see in Southern Spain, it’s the Alhambra.

Getting to Ronda can be quite difficult, so if you're staying on the Costa del Sol, you may want to consider this Guided Tour of Ronda. Andalusia may be the poorest region in Spain economically, but it's the richest in terms of culture, places to visit and things to do. For many, Seville is the best city in Andalusia, and there is no disputing that Seville has a lot more than Granada. What about visiting Seville from Granada? Its beaches are very average - the rest of the Costa del Sol and Costa de Almeria have nicer sand. A large part of that is because the restaurants almost exclusively serve fried fish. Read more about Spain's best cities for TAPAS. Tarifa isn't convenient for exploring the rest of Andalusia from.

Tarifa is mainland Spain's most southerly town and almost touches Morocco. But should they really stick around? From Seville, Cordoba is a day trip (or even half-day trip). It isn't all about the dancing - the masterful guitar playing and passionate vocals should stir the emotions.

There are various ways of getting to Andalusia.

But box ticking shouldn't be your main reason for visiting somewhere. How long you want to spend here depends on what you want to do: you could stay a month learning to windsurf, or just pass through on the way to Morocco. A guided tour, with the local knowledge that brings, is the way to go for a day trip. And it's just not because the wine itself is nice - it's also about where you drink it: in the fantastic vintage tabanco sherry bars. You can opt-out at any time. You can't really base yourself in Ronda for a trip to the rest of Andalusia - it would take you too long to get anywhere.

Granada is famous for its bars, where they serve a morsel of food with every drink. A short drive from Granada, this mountainous collection of villages is perfect for hiking or sampling the best ham in the country. It is the most stereotypically Spanish region, with glorious sunshine most of the year; bullfighting, tapas and flamenco at every turn. There is a high-speed AVE train from Madrid to Malaga, but apart from that, you'll probably need to take a bus. Cordoba's main sight is the Mezquita-Cathedral, the former mosque (and once biggest mosque in Europe) and now the Catholic seat of the city. Seville is also a good first stop in Spain for visitors coming in from Portugal.

It's simply too difficult to get to for anyone to want to travel there and back and have time to explore the city in a single day. Jerez, on the train line from Seville to Cadiz, is the birthplace of sherry. A remote city built high up over the Tajo gorge is dominated by its majestic bridges and fantastic views. It has the best weather for any city in Spain (Seville is too hot, everywhere else has too many cold days), which means virtually year-round eating and drinking outside on terrazas. Day Trip, Stay The Night or Base Yourself in Jerez? What you do have here, though, is the best network of tours for any city in the region. Day Trip, Stay The Night or Base Yourself in Granada? Free tapas in Granada. Two meals in one day where all you eat is fish is one thing, but more than that? If you don't have any interest in the daytime sights of Jerez, head over to Cadiz for a fried fish lunch and walk in the old town. If you want to visit by yourself, stay the night. Cadiz is famous for its fried fish and the microclimate its peninsula location affords it. The main loop of Seville, Cordoba, and Granada takes just as long wherever you start from, but you haven't had to travel as far from Madrid to start the journey. You have the AVE high-speed train to Cordoba (if you haven't already visited it on the way down from Madrid), good transport connections to Granada and a direct train to both Cadiz and Jerez. Visit a sherry bodega and learn the production process or visit the famous horse shows of Jerez. Ronda is built over a ravine and the view from the bridge is exceptional. They only have a few rooms, including private and dorms. … The cathedral, with its Moorish Giralda tower, is a fascinating mix of cultures and architectural styles. Yes, Seville is bigger and probably has more to do, but Granada's unique sights make it the top place to visit on this list. Seville is likely to be one of the most romantic and attractive cities you’ll ever experience.

Explore Andalusia With These Day Trips From Seville, How to Get to Ronda From Other Popular Cities, See the Real Spain With Day Trips From the Costa del Sol, Use Malaga as Your Base to Take an Amazing Tour of Spain, Your Guide to Getting from City to City in Spain, Spain's Must-See Sights and Attractions: City by City, Fantastic Tours of Spain You Can Take From Madrid, Granada to Cordoba by Bus, Car, and Train. Want a view of you to see in the above picture? The main reason to stay longer is if you want to take advantage of the beaches. To visit Ronda, you have a slow bus which stops in lots of beautiful pueblos blancos. Cadiz is connected to Seville by train, via Jerez. Day Trip, Stay The Night or Base Yourself in Cadiz? Malaga is famous for its fried fish, which is not as good as that of Cadiz. Read more about Tours of Andalusia from Seville and Tours of Andalusia from Madrid.

There are day trips and two-day trips to Seville - I'd go with a two-dayer because a day in Seville simply isn't enough.

The wine-growing and ham-producing region of Alpujarras.

Day Trip, Stay The Night or Base Yourself in Tangiers?

Granada is one of the few cities in Spain where you still get your tapas for free like you're supposed to. And how to spend the daytime? You can visit Cadiz as a day trip from Seville, but you might instead prefer to stay in Jerez and visit Cadiz from there, in order to visit the excellent tabanco sherry bars. An overnight trip might be worth it, but any more days than that and it's best to head further into Morocco, either over land or by flying to Fez or Marrakech. You will get great views of the Alhambra from here, which peaks out from between the houses like an elephant playing a terrible game of hide-and-seek. The big sight is the Alhambra, the Moorish fortress, palace and gardens complex situated up on the hill overlooking Granada. It makes its own sweet wine, which isn't as interesting as that of Jerez.

Cordoba, on the high-speed train line from Madrid to Seville, is often people's first experience of Andalusia as they head south from the capital. It is also just outside the sherry triangle, so lots of bars also serve local wines too. Its Alcazaba has nothing on the Alhambra in Granada or the Alcazar in Seville.

Ronda is a breathtaking place to visit, with its poor transport connections as the only reason why anyone might decide not to go to the city on a trip to Andalusia.

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