wheelscience bike wheels review

Heavy off road usage, combined with excessive use of degreaser may impact this. Great quality wheels for the price point as it changes the look of the bike completely. Fantastic product and great customer service!.

Buttery smooth in the wind and easy to turn up the power and push them forward... they just respond with a spring to the pavement and you will fly! The conclusion echoes both products. They would take a moment to settle after braking before I could corner hard or push. A long 185km ride from London to Brighton and back last weekend where I felt fresh all day, and a few windy ones where I thought the wheels might struggle. I was searching for a set of training and race wheels for my new TT bike and came across Wheel Science. Crowded market. The decision for the disc was a no-brainer, but I elected to run the 60mm as opposed to the 80mm as from a budget point of view I could purchase the pair of 60mm and use them in the road race. True to his word he refunded me this as soon as I sent a photo of the FedEx bill. I would come in hard to the corners, harder than I normally would, make my turn and the rear would just stay planted. The wheels are solid and roll really well. However they've been easy to handle in crosswinds and I'm only a 65kg rider. I have also included some pics from the TT. Now for the record, I'm quite light, and flat races mean I do not gain any advantage over the group if anything I have to work harder. Still early days but all signs point to an exceptionally crafted wheel set capable of absorbing the weight and power of a larger than average rider. I ordered tubs and being new to them could’ve done with some guidance (correct tape width etc if not gluing). Nope, they seem to accelerate just as good if not better. Price is amazing for what you get!!! Had my Elementals for almost 2 years now and they have been bomb proof! The only downside (and this is, I believe, with all full carbon wheels), the rim braking is not as good as an Al braking surface, but that is just something I'm adjusting to. That is a rare occurrence but can happen in transit. Great wheels, do great in the wind. Peter told me on purchase that there might be a customs charge as I'm in the U.K which he would refund. I had no intention of paying for the overpriced, and overrated. You will not be disappointed. They also sound better! First set of race wheels. Very happy with this purchase. Over a 25km hilly TT, I gained 40 seconds and that was in freezing 2-degree conditions as opposed the previous 18c. I was able to come out of the corner and put the power down easily without drifting off the group. I had been running a pair of Zipp 202's for the past two years. I have divided the review up to the Disc/60mm and the 60/60mm experience is that they were different bikes in different situations. I've ridden about 500km so far and they're great.

Feel free to cut and use where you want. Nice wheels, were 500g lighter than the Mavic Allroad my bike came with. Once I pulled the wheels out my jaw dropped at how beautiful and lightweight they were. The wheels were made and shipped very quickly, but I never received a tracking number, in spite of one promised by the website. Wheels that finally arrived are awesome A++4.

The skewers are designed to be as light and strong as possible. Great service and prompt responses received throughout. I've only put 200 miles on them as of now. If I have missed anything please let me know. Now while I can not say that I have ever been unhappy with these wheels, they serve a place in my cycling. Feel free to use as you wish.

I can confirm that getting tyres on was no problem (I run Conti GP 5000 25mm with tubes). The wheel are everything and more. I have found descending in training and racing with my old wheels you would often feel a washy-ness in the rear. My vortex are awesome !! I love the wheels, great quality for a great price.

Fantastic service and communication from Peter and on time and safe delivery. Wonderful Help!!! My first thought when I started warming up was "These roll nice, probably just in my head".

This can provide reduced rolling resistance for road climbing, or the use of gravel-specific tires for off-road riding. Only have a couple rides on them but they feel strong.

Glad everything else went well. Their stiffness is amazing. Great wheels! Wheels came quickly. The only reason I almost put a 4 not a 5 was because I wasn't able to track my product and had no idea when the wheels were going to come in. Not once. Wheels were shipped and received in excellent condition. Exiting the final corner is a 1.5k flat run for home.

My elemental wheels have exceeded my expectations. Felt increment in average speed esp. It meant I could hit corners faster and carry more speed through thus wasting less energy on the exit. Finally my expensive bike with horrible wheels started acing its price tag.Bought a new pair, even though the current pair are perfect.

We understand this gives them a rather "slight" look.
The look and feel of the wheels is nothing less than some of the other known brands in the market which probably are at much higher price point so why pay more. I just want to take the time to express my gratitude for not only your support but the support of the Wheelscience brand.

Rear wheel was replaced foc. Bought race wheels so I haven’t ridden them yet, Shipping was fast and the wheels look/feel great! Peter did an awesome job. Purchased a pair of Elemental in Aug 18. I have recommended Wheelscience to others that want to upgrade. They look great but yet to use them. Timing my run (and completing forgetting about my wheels) I followed a few wheels and started moving up. Roll well, make the ride much smoother. Descending does not normally worry me and I do feel confident on my current road bike.
The cross-winds were tough, but I never felt unstable even though others were riding straight with a lean. Took a punt on Wheelscience a few years ago. A part of me was very sceptical when I ordered. The race comes down to a chute through the last two corners. Climbing is better. You will get an unbelievable product, which will make you fast. A true game changer in the carbon wheel market.

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