don't mess with texas campaign

State officials claim that protecting the trademark helps the state preserve the slogan's anti-littering message. [6] Since then, numerous musicians, athletes, celebrities and other famous Texans have appeared in "Don't Mess with Texas" radio and television public service announcements, including: In a 12-year period over 26 television spots appeared. In 1986, legendary Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan helped launch TxDOT’s inaugural “Don’t mess with Texas” campaign. The creators said that the administrators were "buzz-cutted, conservative kind of characters." While the slogan was not originally intended to become a statewide cultural phenomenon, it did. Clark went ahead with the slogan without the support of the TXDOT administrators. To help our important litter-prevention message come to life, the iconic Don’t mess with Texas® brand introduced an immersive virtual reality experience at events across the state. Texas Department of Transportation
Beyond its immediate role in reducing litter, the slogan has been popularly appropriated by Texans.

", Texas Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, "Not to Be, Um, Trifled With, Texas Guards Its Slogans", "Confederate Air Force wins best ad in 25 years", "TxDOT Hoping 'Don't Mess With Texas' Provides More Cash", "Texas-themed billboards get Crimson Tide update", "Texas says don't mess with anti-litter slogan", "BART - Lone Texas Rangers fan makes good on his BART bet by serenading riders", A list of objects that infringe on the trademark, National Register of Historic Places Sites,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A Texas-based company in Alabama used the slogan for a billboard campaign in February 2010, The author Christie Craig published a romance novel originally titled, This page was last edited on 9 September 2020, at 22:22.  •  "McClure said 'It occurred to me that the only time I'd heard the word litter was in reference to dogs.

Seventy percent of this litter is small trash like napkins, cigarette butts and fast food wrappers. And to close out 2016, our newest … If not for the vision of Don Clark, the then Director of Travel and Information Division of the Texas Highway Department, the slogan would have never been used. Austin, Texas 78701, Traffic Crashes Increase In Energy-Producing Areas In Texas, TxDOT to Help Parents as Agency Reports Most Car Seats are Used Incorrectly, Don't Mess with Texas® Calls on Iconic Texas Voices to Stop PPE Litter, Dangers in the Car: TxDOT’s New Augmented Reality Game Urges Drivers to Never Drive Distracted, Crashes Take Heavy Toll On State’s Motorcyclists, Drunk Driving Victims Share Heartbreaking Stories in Effort to Stop Drinking and Driving, Txdot Taking Covid-19 Action To Keep Employees And Public Safe, Young Drivers Urged to Plan Sober Rides Ahead of Spring Break, Texas Transportation Commission Chairman J. Bruce Bugg, Jr. Unveils Plan to Fund I-35 through Austin, TxDOT Shows Teens Deadly Reality of Not Buckling Up, TxDOT Urges Football Fans To Plan Ahead For A Sober Ride, Don’t Mess With Texas® Offering Scholarships To Texas Students, Annual Toll Rate Increase Takes Effect January 2020, Drunk Driving Causes Lifetime of Heartache for Texas Family over the Holidays, TxDOT Urges Drivers To ‘End The Streak’ Of Daily Deaths, Nearly Half of All Texas Traffic Deaths Come From Energy-Producing Areas, Texas To Form Connected And Automated Vehicle Task Force, TxDOT Seeking Input on Texas Transportation Plan, Texas Transportation Commission Approves State's 10-year Transportation Plan, TxDOT: Plan a Sober Ride this Labor Day Weekend, From Clean Restrooms to Clean Roadways, TxDOT and Buc-ee's®, “Drive Clean Texas” Campaign Urges Drivers To Help Reduce Air Pollution, State Warns Distracted Driving Still A Problem, TxDOT Embraces Goal To End Deaths On Texas Roads By 2050, TxDOT Reenacts Crash To Urge Texans To Buckle Up, TxDOT Urges Drivers To “Look Twice For Motorcycles”, Fatalities Decline In The State’s Highway Construction Areas, Texas Urges Federal Action For A Fair Share Of Transportation Funding, TxDOT Joins Statewide Effort To End Human Trafficking, TxDOT Urges Young Drivers To Plan For Sober Ride, Traffic Fatalities Higher in Energy-Producing Areas of Texas, Winners Announced in Don't mess with Texas Song Search, Football Fans Urged To Make A Sober Ride Part Of Their Super Bowl Game Plan. Don't Mess with Texas is a slogan for a campaign aimed at reducing littering on Texas roadways by the Texas Department of Transportation. McClure added that "The 'Keep Texas Beautiful' lady said, 'Can we at least say please?' The newest generation of “Don’t mess with Texas” celebrities includes Lukas Nelson, the Eli Young Band and Grupo Fantasma. Mess seemed like it would resonate better. [2], This article is about the slogan used by the Texas Department of Transportation.

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The slogan is the title of the book, Don’t Mess With Texas: The Story Behind the Legend. Check out our past videos featuring Texas celebrities ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Willie Nelson to Matthew McConaughey. Since then, Texas celebrities like George Strait, Willie Nelson and Erykah Badu have lent their voices and support. Until recently, the organization was forbidden to do so due to federal regulations. Privacy & Security Policy In 1985 the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) asked Mike Blair and Tim McClure of GSD&M to create a slogan for an anti-littering campaign.

Explore the Don’t mess with Texas Can Map and pick your favorite barrel. McClure recalled that "The crowd was sprinkled with 'Keep America Beautiful' and 'Keep Texas Beautiful' folks, and our audience is 18-to-24 young males."  •  Since the phrase is a federally registered trademark, the department has tried at times to enforce its trademark rights with cease and desist letters,[3] but has had very limited success. Campaign Overview; Ad Archive; VR Experience; Cans Across Texas; Partnerships; Education. We don’t want to name drop, but over the years we’ve forged award-winning collaborations with Texas... VR Experience. Since then, Texas celebrities like George Strait, Willie Nelson and Erykah Badu have lent their voices and support. In 2015, litter cleanup efforts cost $32 million. McClure said that "bubbas in pickup trucks" who regularly littered beer cans and other items out of vehicle windows and ordinary Texans who believed that littering was a "God-given right" were targets of the advertising campaign. Accessibility125 East 11th Street They’re almost as prevalent as bluebonnets and can be found in your favorite spots statewide. The newest generation of “Don’t mess with Texas” celebrities includes Lukas Nelson, the Eli Young Band and Grupo Fantasma. Share in over 30 years of tradition while reaching thousands of Texans through advertising, consumer outreach, and media relations. | The creators joked that the board members' average age was 107. For the 2015 film that used the slogan as a working title, see, Grinberg, Emanuella. After the first televised ad with Stevie Ray Vaughan aired, Clark jokes that he went to work the next day and was unsure if he would be fired. "Don't Mess with Texas" has been awarded a plaque on the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame and a place in the Advertising Hall of Fame, a distinction given to only two slogans annually.[4]. What’s red, white, and blue and can be found all over Texas?

Whether the message appears on a billboard, TV, or a screen, we’re proud of our advertising and the impact it has had on helping reduce litter in Texas. The campaign's target market was 18- to 35-year-old males, which was statistically shown to be the most likely to litter.

"Why there's no messing with Texas. The phrase "Don't Mess with Texas" is prominently shown on road signs on major highways, television, radio and in print advertisements. See some of our favorites from the last 30 years!  • 

"Don't Mess with Texas" is also the official motto of the Virginia-class submarine USS Texas. A - Z Site Index The campaign began in 1985 with a series of bumper stickers. The Stars of Texas Disclaimer Don't Mess with Texas is a slogan for a campaign aimed at reducing littering on Texas roadways by the Texas Department of Transportation.

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