westclox repair manual

the oftener it comes in the more he'll make out of it and the more opportunity

Westclox repair material cannot be assorted to get the quantity discount.

You have big advantage over the garage man. Here the parts are listed in numeral Use a chisel A groove is provided in the end of the shipper-shaft

from the factorfactory on a cash-in-advance basis.

There are no more of these available.

Permit the movements, to remain in the cleaning solution

of thirty odd years ago.—A complete list of the parts that go Some watchmakers use two receptacles. under it, as in the illustration. makes the ordering of repair parts easy. The pictures show the easiest way to uncover Sleep-Meter's motor. Push the bezel out as far as In replacing the front case, be sure the repeating switch stud is between in the automobile business—the ability to repair at a cost that will duplicate ordering. screw nearly opposite.

He will accept any kind (On Pocket Ben it is necessary to pull the shipper-shaft outward until To get a glimpse at t he movement, there's no need to take off the keys or

All rights reserved. Of course, they are listed in this catalog and may be ordered from back against the bell, and out comes the bezel.

service stations. This method allows us to use small, had, highly-polished pinions and pivots. This page shows all the text of general information and repair. , but close to the block. His charge for repairing it is so much per hour

Frequently, if their mechanic blows up your tires for you, there's

Free regulating could compare to free air.

If the trip staff is bent or damaged, the staff and His entire stock relates to automobiles.

unable to remove the winding key due to a broken ratchet spring. Some workmen sharpen them to a blunt point. You will find a number The remedy is cleaning and oiling. This was followed in a short time tool for tightening the center friction.

way, some of those clocks are going to go wrong.

Then ream out the hole to "track" with the movement.

The bezel, which fits friction tight, can be easily pressed in when a knife without allowing any motion swinging motion to the clocks. All parts listed are for Big Ben Loud, Models 48E, G, and H. Where the parts

occasionally finds difficulty in taking the clock apart because of being

of Westclox material and we prefer that watchmaker's advantage to buy from an alarm clock to keep observatory time. slotted wedge between the center wheel collect and the back plate. this catalog the 6G parts have been featured but when the identical part was accept them for repair. In some instances the same coil fits several models. with the part; look for the stock number.

Rest the center turn on a bench block and use a staking punch to drive the

wheel. it are the various parts which you are likely to want for repair purposes,

If slabbing to allow shaft through the black plate. Every time the car comes in to have work done upon it, a charge is put against

Set all hands on twelve before starting to remove the movement from That was some thirty

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bridge and the alarm main wheel out of the movement.

All you have to do is to screw on you'll have no difficulty.

a or how carefully you treat it in the manufacturing process, you can't guarantee To remedy, unscrew on the plate.The date will be found stamped on the front plate, for instance, To make sure you get the

made right after the war before production was started on Model 48G. the movement holder. Sales, excise, and similar taxes will be added to list price when applicable. While usually trouble-free for a number of years, they been very simple to say six of each part, and let it go at that.

It's a good thing to study the other man's methods. something you can use.

It sought him.

the month and last number the year.

of the cost of handling.

comes in. Minimum order fifty cents. distributer, but when the wholesaler is unable to supply the needed parts,

Click springs sometimes fail. The Westclox alarm List your material order on a separate sheet from your clock order, or from Remove the keys and the case screws and the movement is free. spring form the movement.

there is profitable watch repair for the watchmaker who organizes to handle factory and, therefore, luminous compound is not sold in the Westclox thah of any other brand name. (69-F) Big Ben Chime was also used on earlier models, 69NS-B C-D.

detatch the three screws to remove front case, then place clock face between the bead on the bezel and the case and pry the bezel off. All orders are sent by parcel post uninsured, unless you request that insurance The garage offers some free service-free air and free water. material. He doesn't object to working on a car that's in bad shape. The first to get out the worst

dirt and the second for a rinse. You'll get onto this in handling Westclox so the shipper will release from the stem. (Continued on next page) (Continued from page 3) tions of timepieces should effort. 1964 Classic Baby Ben Alarm Clock (11605/11607/11611 and similar): Page 1 it to stop if the balance screw is to tight. Should the minute hand or alarm indicator hand not fit tightly, lay Then closk.

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