when is the next state of play 2020

Sony @PlayStation 5 next event is scheduled for AUGUST 6th 2020 – 1pm PT | 4pm ET | 10pm CEST, Watch it onhttps://t.co/EMGyFxKJQQhttps://t.co/Y6i3xubvdQhttps://t.co/fWWQgTEybi, *TO BE CONFIRMED*_#PlayHasNoLimits#PlayStation5 pic.twitter.com/wl7dDAqclr, — Roberto Serrano’ (@geronimo_73) July 21, 2020. This article will highlight the State of Play August 2020 date, start time, where to watch the show, and what titles we can expect to see. Mark my words they will officially reveal DemonSouls remake.. u heard it here 1st.. Will PS4 Games Work On PS5? Especially after the leaked clip . Aeon Must Die looks like a super-cool cyberpunky fighting game but, well, drama is already developing around it. With the PS5 releasing just a few short months after this presentation, this would really be the very latest point at which Sony would be able to officially confirm the PS5 launch games. How do you get it to 2 pm in Europe? One big release after the next: Mario Maker 2, Fire Emblem, Marvel ultimate alliance 3, Astral Chain... @tameshiyaku Astral Chain is very interesting game to me.. passed on Mario Maker 2, Fire Emblem, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Sid Shuman, senior director at SIE Content Communications, went into further detail about what to expect from the upcoming State of Play stream in a blog post. The third party project could be Grenoble Fantasy... Cygames has been talking to the western press a lot lately. And finally we got a good long hard look at Godfall, a fantasy action game due out on PC and PS5 this year. See play.st/plusdop3M, and play.st/plusdop for details. But there will also be updates on some third-party PS5 games that featured during the PS5 reveal event in June. @Areus Oh they will. We might even see some new footage of games that have been long dormant. Our Ian Higton is very excited indeed. Here's everything the company revealed. Join 347,543 people following Push Square: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. The headline announcement is Dingodile is a playable character - a first for the series. Likewise, Sony expanding their selection of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on PS Now also seems likely too – and would be a good way to stimulate further interest in the service going forward. "What to expect: A focus on upcoming PS4 & PS VR games. In addition to not getting the price, we will likely not be getting a PS5 release date too. Golden State Warriors National TV Schedule 2020-2021. Can I watch it live with you guys without fearing for spoilers? @Bamila it's 8 pm in UK. . Apparently, Naughty Dog is making a standalone Last of Us multiplayer game. More about Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. Will PS4 Games Work On PS5? order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Related Content – All PS4 Games That Have PS5 Upgrades – Guide. And in terms of that console, it will be interesting to see what PS5 titles could feature during this week's State of Play. There was a wide range of third-party PS5 titles that feature during the June reveal event, but there's one game that seems to standout in terms of an upcoming update. Express. A May State of Play seems like a very logical move before E3. State of Play - October 15th 2020. PlayStationLifeStyle.net is a property of Mandatory, A bug discovered in the chipsets of Panasonic, Denon, Marantz and Yamaha HDMI 2.1 AV receivers, has resulted in 4K, 8K and HDR 120Hz passthrough issues on PS5 and Xbox Series X. PS5 SSD vs Xbox Series X SSD – We now have the full specifications for both next-gen consoles so which one is better? State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event – PS5 Release Date, Global Roll-Out Details. Like this. Rumoured titles that could be revealed are the heavily rumoured Silent Hill reboot, Final Fantasy 16, revivals for Ape Escape and SOCOM and the next God of War game. @Areus too late. We will have to wait a little while longer. © 2006-2020 PlayStation Universe, All Rights Reserved. Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series hits PlayStation VR on 25th August. And that's your lot. The August 2020 State of Play covering PS4, PSVR, and PS5 games will take place on August 6, 2020, at 1 PM PT, 4 PM ET, 9 PM BST, 10 PM CEST. We let you know exactly how PS5 backwards compatibility works with PS4 games in our handy and easy to understand guide. Then came the news the entire Hitman trilogy will gain PlayStation VR support, including the upcoming Hitman 3. The show kicked off with a decent look at Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, Toys for Bob's lovely-looking platformer. @jdv95 The games is here next Tuesday, so uhm, what? I'll see you all later. Essentially the last big media stop before the PS5 releases later this year, Sony will want to outline the changes to the now crusty PlayStation Plus service in order to make it competitive with Microsoft’s Game Pass offering. Yay! Do techniques and items carry over into New Game + on Ghost of Tsushima? @Grimwood His comment was from 'Wed 1st May 2019', it threw me at first but it seems PushSquare update a single page and keep the comments around (annoyingly). And if release schedule is true. @pimpjuice I have heard it like this for the past 8 months from almost every 3rd person on the internet. But I feel i should try and not watch this and then just enjoy it fully (I swerved internet spoilers) when it releases. Comments The video below, in which our Aoife, Ian and Zoe react to State of Play, is well worth a watch. Temtem, the Pokémon-style game that was a monster hit on Steam, is coming to PS5 in 2021. There’s no confusion here! The Control Expansion 2 AWE trailer offered us a glimpse at a bearded Alan Wake. I guess I’ll have to think about it more. The August State of Play livestream will be available to watch on both Twitch and YouTube. We’ll have a few PS5 game updates on third-party and indie titles you last saw in June’s PS5 showcase. The summer ain't slow if you look over to camp Nintendo. (Most of us). I think it would be better a day after E3. 6 AM is too early for me, I won't be awake until 9 AM. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. retailers have already started to receive and construct PS5 kiosks and demo stations. Thanks for taking part! Announcement then release date of 5 months later is February. In addition to not getting the price, we will likely not be getting a PS5 release date too. Golden State will play 10 conference opponents outside their own division for a … @Bamila haha I see your comment is from December 2019.... . Won't be able to catch it live, but I'll be sure to check this site for news and other stuff! Funny reading through the comments from over a year ago. For a full breakdown of timezones, see below: You'll be able to watch the next State of Play on Sony's official YouTube and Twitch accounts, through the respective links. @Hobbesyall that is possible. © 2020 Microsoft Corporation. Good times. On top of that, we may also get some updates on AAA titles coming to PS5 this fall and how they will run on the new hardware and make use of the DualSense controller’s unique functions. Please enable cookies to view. I mean in europe people will be working at 2pm, while in USA everyone will be sleeping. Hopefully People Don't Blow a Gasket if Sony Doesn't Talk About Certain Games lol. It’s reported to be a “night of mic drops” for Microsoft, but the company says it will only be focused on games; no hardware or services announcements, which means we may not get a price for the Xbox Series X just yet. Hopefully I don't get spoilered by anyone before I can watch the video. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. An exact release date and price is yet to be confirmed. more info about Ghost of Tsushima would be awsome. "And just to be super clear — there will be no PlayStation Studios updates in Thursday’s episode. Sony’s next PS5 showcase is rumored for early August. Are you looking forward to the next State of Play livestream? Not really expecting much at all tbh but should be a fun 10 minute distraction! This seems like a lock to us. Nothing like making no news out of no news. They're mad about it before it's even been announced. Previous events were officially revealed less than a week beforehand, so don’t expect to hear about this one from Sony until July 31st at the earliest, if the reported date is accurate anyway. i heard u say ur condident its in developement but question is will it be ps4 or ps5? Sid Shuman Senior Director, SIE Content Communications It’s been a while… but State of Play returns this Thursday with a focus on … No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. They're going to make some kind of an announcement before E3. I'm awake. @DeepSpace5D I've read the spoilers and all I'm gonna say is, don't risk it. But it's only a few minutes, so I can watch it later tonight if I have to. How can it not? so are they going to just have a bunch of these livestreams througout the year or just around E3? According to Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb, Sony’s next State of Play could take place between Aug. 5 and Aug. 11. 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